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What do you mean by "immersive"?
If anyone can answer: What is better for gaming (competitive and normal) and music? I heard the X1s have a higher bass?   Thanks.
Hm, well I live in the UK so 'm not sure about the delivery costs.   Also, would you charge for the repair, and how much would you buy them for?
I suppose it's the end of these headphones life then. Taught me a lesson though.   I really liked these and plan to get another pair like these. Looking at the X2s.
Hi, I was here a while back on buying the Phillips Fidelio X1s. It's only been a year and I've already broken my headphones. The headphone jack seems to be not connecting to the wire very well (I have to keep wiggling it to get sound in both ears), This is my fault for accidentally yanking out the headphone wire all the time.   Anyway, now I guess I have to look for more headphones and I've realized the Fidelio X2s are out :o  Have you had any experience with these...
Well, it turns out I created the problem I hoped would not happen when I bought my headphones. I have the Phillips Fidelio X1s (amazing pair) and I was told to use a better cable and try not to yank mine out too much. Unfortunately this happened a lot by accident when moving my head with the wire not being able to move. Now my problem is that I have to constantly wiggle my headphone cable around on the headphones to actually get sound in my right ear, otherwise I can only...
MLE, please can you answer my questions?
Yes, when I was installing the card I disabled the onboard audio. No drivers worked so I enabled it again and the card worked, but drivers still can't find the device.   If I install that driver again (I already tried it yesterday) it won't screw anything up will it?
Hey Mad Lust Envy, it's me again, the one who was asking about the Phillips Fidelio X1s :) (Here)   So, I bought them and they are really, really good. Much better bass and a great soundstage. Now I have a few more questions :)   1. The 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and adapter that comes with it seems to be ok, but you recommend buying a different one. Will a different increase sound performance due to no adapter?   2. Also, I got the Xonar DGX Soundcard and eventually I got...
Ah, yes. I've found this:   Thanks, I think that's it :)
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