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MLE, please can you answer my questions?
Yes, when I was installing the card I disabled the onboard audio. No drivers worked so I enabled it again and the card worked, but drivers still can't find the device.   If I install that driver again (I already tried it yesterday) it won't screw anything up will it?
Hey Mad Lust Envy, it's me again, the one who was asking about the Phillips Fidelio X1s :) (Here)   So, I bought them and they are really, really good. Much better bass and a great soundstage. Now I have a few more questions :)   1. The 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and adapter that comes with it seems to be ok, but you recommend buying a different one. Will a different increase sound performance due to no adapter?   2. Also, I got the Xonar DGX Soundcard and eventually I got...
Ah, yes. I've found this:   Thanks, I think that's it :)
Uh, MLE they don't sell those 3.5mm in that design in the UK... I can't find any  on amazon. The one you said I should buy is the USA one which don't deliver to the UK.
Yeah I see, it's just they're not available on the UK amazon. I can't find any others with the design you said they needed for my country :/
Haha ok ethan :P   And thanks MLE, I'll buy one of those. Thanks for all your help.   How does this look? :
Great, thanks for your help.   Also, I read in the first page that the cable is bad? Is that still an issue and if so what do I need to fix it?
I'm not a diehard competitive gamer, but I spend long hours on games on the PC. I like bass-heavy headphones, and comfortable ones. I think I may go with the X1s.   Anyway, anything's better than my current Turtlebeach x12s right? xD
Oh, I see, thanks but in the UK the x1s cost more than the Sony MA900s by £17. So should I go with the Sony's as they're cheaper than the x1s?
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