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Hi, sorry if i offend anyone but i have a brand new ax7 i never got to use and will be posting in the sale section if anyone is interested hit me up!
Sent you a pm excuse my poor choice of humor! Let me know if you still want the cable?
New price drop!
Title says it all! I have a month old ak240ss, a ak120ii and a ak100ii all in perfect pristine in the box as new condition! Just want to see if anyone is interested in Trading the lot for an AK380? Yes, i know i could out right sell them all and get enough to buy one and have money left over but i dont want to mess with the hassle and I thought this is a good way for both of us to win! Let me know if anyone is interested if not they will most likely show up for...
Looking for some moon audio black dragon iem 2 pin cables. Perferably with 2.5 trrs (ak) or 3.5 trrs (sony) let me onow whT you have? Thanks!
Hi all, I as usual, i bought more cables than i need so im looking to recoup my losses. These are the digital interconnects for a sony zx2 to use with the pha3 or others like the new alo continental mono. They are shorties with either straight or angled ends. The ends are terminated on side with the sony wm port male and the other is a micro usb. They were made by music heaven and the model numbers are mh-ld112 and ld113. Price includes standard shiping and fees. I...
Hey anytime!
Good price and great iem! 100% correct on the kaede part too! Kaede is maple and that is the make up of the iem so get the sound and looks without the price! Not affiliated just a ocharaku admirer!
There ya go! Ao your wanting the l7
You actually dont need anything. Alll the L7 does is moves the mini usb and line out to the sides instead of the bottom so it can be used in other orientations! It does not give you more ports or connections! You plug the l7 into the bottom of the e07k and then one side is a mini usb and the other is a line out
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