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Its not balanced with a 3.5 plug, it just has all 4 conductors inside the cable, so making it a balanced cable is feesable without buying a new cable simply by cutting off the original 3.5 and installing your own 2.5/3.5 4 pole balanced plug!So for your questions, no you cannot just add an adapter you must remove the 3.5 and the add a new plug!
Welwell played my good man! And completely agree as well!
To add upon what was already said, i personally use a cordless drill to do the twisting for me but be sure to use a variable speed drill or you will find yourself over twisting and knotting up your wire!By using the drill, you can make the twist very symmetrical and if it gets twisted 50 times, upon removal of the wire from the dtill, it may untwist a few times then stay twisted for good!Hope it makes sense? If you need to know how to out the wire in the drill let me know!
Hi all, the stock flc8 cable is a true 4 conductor cable that said , if you can solder, you can put any balanced end on it you choose! i removed the stock 3.5 and added my own 2.5 trrs for my ak daps!
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From what I am reading of your above statement, I do not think we are speaking about the same things. 
No! Not at all and if used could possibly end up damaging your dpx1! You can adapt 2.5 trrs to 3.5trs/trrs but you cannot go 3.5trs to 2.5trrs
It was said over the weekend that the cv5 would be 699 and come to market next month
Very nice ! May i ask if you got it straight from vannuys or someone got it for you? I hope thats not too personalThanks!
This listing is for either or both of my C6IEM's I have both the original version 1 and version 2. Both of them are in in their box with all accessories. Ive owned V.1 for about 3 months and v.2 for about 5 or 6 weeks. They haven't seen much playing time and are considered still not broken in yet. In either case both a in prefect condition and non of the tips were ever used. The V.2 with its newly designed Hi's driver really did a good job of brightening them up!    I...
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