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Not sure i unstood your reasoning? I offered to buy these twice from you and only wanted to save shipping to pick them up in person since we are both in chicago and that was like 2 weeks ago? Are you still selling them? Thanks for your time!
I have the amp amd and jave only used it a handful of times, o havwnt paired it with your asking but imo its a good amp for sure! Be sure to see mine in the classifieds soon!
Here's a quickie I whipped up.... 28awg spc stranded. Dont really care for the blue color but i got a smokin deal on 500 feet of it! [IMG][IMG] the cable is a 8 wire box braid to 4 wire round braid on each side
Has anyone tried miccastore.com? The are actuallu a fiio distibutor in the US and carry all fiio products at normal cost! Ive bought many times from them abd have always had good service!
Just for the sake of defense and standing behind my work, the last cable picture of the digital sony cable (below the lunashops one) is mine I posted the picture to not only show the internals of that cable but to also show why its needed and why you DONT want to buy the other cables that are not utilizing this! Its not fun surgically removing the end of that cable and then returning it to proper factory looking appearance but thats what is done with every one I make and...
Hi, Posting my new HD700's for sale. Haven't owned them very long and  cannot return them because I waited too long! I am calling them new but I have put maybe 5 hours on them with the stock cable. I bought the Sennheiser balanced cable with the HD700's but have never used it yet. Everything is pristine, new and confidently rated 10 out of 10! If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. I am not interested in any trades at this time. Paypal unless gifted will...
Its not balanced with a 3.5 plug, it just has all 4 conductors inside the cable, so making it a balanced cable is feesable without buying a new cable simply by cutting off the original 3.5 and installing your own 2.5/3.5 4 pole balanced plug!So for your questions, no you cannot just add an adapter you must remove the 3.5 and the add a new plug!
Welwell played my good man! And completely agree as well!
To add upon what was already said, i personally use a cordless drill to do the twisting for me but be sure to use a variable speed drill or you will find yourself over twisting and knotting up your wire!By using the drill, you can make the twist very symmetrical and if it gets twisted 50 times, upon removal of the wire from the dtill, it may untwist a few times then stay twisted for good!Hope it makes sense? If you need to know how to out the wire in the drill let me know!
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