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For some reason i cant get multiple pics to attach to my apologies a couple of others[IMG]
Hi all! New to the party but was just finishing up a few cables and wanted some opinions on the setup? Personally, I love it by far my best tube station yet! Btw: the pro-ject media server even has an output tube buffer to my surprise they just started doing that to thier RS lineup! What isnt seen is my PSB imagine B speakers and the sunfire jr sub.
Hi all, I got into the FLC8 long before they were ever even spoke of here! Since i make all mh own cables , i couldnt leave the stock cable alone. The first thing I learned is that its a 4 conductor cable which means you can very easily make the stock cable balanced merely by removing the 3.5 trs and soldering a new 2.5 trrs on to it! I did this very thing a long time ago and have never regreted it! This is something I can help with for those not so comfortable in do it...
Ok great! Thank you for clearing it all up for me! Call it a wrong side of the bed morning as i have already apologized to the board for my rant! The bottom line here was to merely give an opinion from a different view other than your own. Again my apologizes for the opinionated point of view!
My apologies to anyone if offended and will keep on topic of the board, my intent of my posts were only to help out somepne having a hard time with thier new purchase and to shed a different light on or a different thought if you will on cables and burn in. I am not trying to discourage anyone from buying or using anything that may enhance thier listening pleasure but to just let you know why some thincs will not! Ok then , again mg apologies, im off my soapbox and return...
Funny you say that as it was MY pictures of cables that I personnally made that you had posted that helped you make yoyr own! I make all my own cables, all of them, but id be the first one to let anyone know whars good and whats not good! Shielding a usb cable is normal but once its shielded you cant shield it more! You exampkes of cable make up are very nice and very well made but necessary to pass digital signals through? Not really.
Sorry as i have no clue what you mean by pushing it to get the best ? Its only as good as its specs and parts used to make it, i dont care how many hours of "burn-in" or cables used! its a great amp cause sony made it a great amp (other than dropping the ball on that stupid wmport cable) but i fixed that long ago!
Please keep in mind when talkung abouf a digital signal vs. an analog signal that upgraded cables will NOT make drastic changes in any sound reproduction! I mean its already digital you cant make it more digital by any means! Just to make it a bur easier to understand, if you standard digital usb cable on a scale of 1-10 is a "8" using a gold, silver, rhodium, platinum or ang other precious metal might make it a "8.4-8.6" !!! That said most humans are truely not going to...
Hi kylan, ive owned all the hi res sony stuff including zx1, zx2, pha1,pha2 and pha3 the x5's and z7's also! I make all the necessary cables to run any device with the pha3. You made a good choice with the pha3 dont fret! Feel free to message me to help ya out if you woukd like!
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