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I use the andromeda with the cdm and little to no hiss, i own the jupiter s well and the jupiter is super sensative above the rest of the CA lineup
As with all ak240's , a little play is completely normal and no reason to worry!Thanks
Good call! I myself have never had an issue moving my pha3 while on the charger or it comming disconnected? Doesnt sound like a global issue maybe a batch issue if anything?
Anyone know where i can pickup a vannuys case for my cdm? Ive got the star cass and alo brown leather sleeve , either of which i am not fond of the star case is too bulky abd the alo sleeve just diesnt fit well on the csm and very loose! Thanks for any and all help!!
A few other pics that didnt upload for sime reason? and another one more if want others or more detail please message me and i will be happy to help!Thanks again
Hi ken,Heres an update to my original therory of using the ak300 series with the cdm. Pictures are included and or will follow!Let me start out by saying that it was quite the interesting weekend trying to make the cdm work with the ak3xx's!After updating my ak320 with the latest firmware to allow usb audio out, i proceeded to first make a male to male micro usb cable. This was the first attempt at connecting the two together and needless to say did not work. Next, i made...
Hi kb, curious as a new firmware for the 300 series AK's has opened up the usb audio out however ive only been successful using my ak320 with the sony pha3 via usb! The ak will not "see" the cdm upon a micro to micro connection, this and the use of an otg cable may solve thaf issue and allow the cdm to be used via usb with the the AK 300 series daps! Think im going to have to test this theroy over the holiday weekend!Maybe you have this answer already? If not would you...
Not sure i unstood your reasoning? I offered to buy these twice from you and only wanted to save shipping to pick them up in person since we are both in chicago and that was like 2 weeks ago? Are you still selling them? Thanks for your time!
I have the amp amd and jave only used it a handful of times, o havwnt paired it with your asking but imo its a good amp for sure! Be sure to see mine in the classifieds soon!
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