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might as well go with it, is the $40 difference with like new vs new on amazon does the like new has damage so it is much cheaper?
amazon's rating with like new is it good, duration of charging and battery life?Should I still invest on a gaming amp or it will work fine?
Hi,   I would just like to know if it's hard to drive AKG K612. I'm not really an audiophile or some sort, I just like a good pair of headphones for gaming and other stuffs, The design of this really caught my eye, and the ratings of comfort base on the 1st page is really high so this might be worth it. Please help me in choosing some cheap drivers that could still show the full potential of this headphones thanks.
how do you position your speakers?
do headphone price drops fast?
thanks, It really looks like it will break anytime, might go with K701 because of mio. I like anime stuffs will my soundcard be able to drive, does AKG offers international warranty like Sony?
I might go with that, never would have thought Sony has great headphones too, I like Sony products. :) Is it Durable?
  thanks for the help, and this guide really really astonishing.
Motherboard http://www.asus.com/ROG_ROG/MAXIMUS_VI_IMPACT/ , I like the looks of 598 it looks so foamy or do they provide same comfort?
My sound card is the one that comes from maximus vi impact, Do I still need to buy a mix amp to have a better sound quality?Headphone choices are AKG K701 or AKG K702 or Senheiser HD598. I would be using this for games,music, and movies.   on the side note I still haven't bought that yet, still researching if the on board sound card is good.
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