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 I have the Bryston and Rag also, so I'm really looking forward to comparisons with GMB as you get more hours on it.
 I agree. Going from SE to balanced on HD800s/Rag made a big difference. The sound that review described with HD800s was similar to what I heard with the stock cable single-ended. It all changed when I got my balanced cable. ymmv
 No humming from my Ragnarok. I put my ear on top of it...and dead silence. The only Glenn Gould hums I hear are from Glenn Gould recordings played through my Ragnarok...which reveals them quite well unfortunately.
Selling my mint condition black HeadAmp GS-X mk2 with alpha potentiometer (115V). I am the original owner and received it at the end of August 2014. It is flawless. No scratches, dings or smudges. I will include all original packing material. I am selling because I want an amp that drives speakers as well. Get it now for the holidays without the wait   USA only. I will pay shipping and PayPal fees.
 Good to hear. I have read some impressions that there is less spaciousness (more intimate closed-in sound) and details are glossed over with these kinds of dacs. Do you feel the GS-X imposes any kind of coloration on the sound, or is straight neutral and lets the Hex sound shine through?
 I just got the BDA-2 a couple months ago and have been enjoying it, but I have been very curious about NOS dacs to see what they are like since I haven't ever heard one. Looking forward to more impressions of how the Hex compares to the Bryston.
I have been reading some positive impressions of the Draug2 with HD800s. Making me excited to get mine soon hopefully.
When I go to Toxic Cables' website I don't find Copper Venom at all. Is it discontinued?   All I see for HD800 is Silver Poison and Viper.
 People are less passionate about cheaper gear. But once their Ragnarok and Yggdrasil come out, there will be a schiitstorm of deniers and believers, no doubt.
...And the DNA Stratus as well. I've seen a lot of posts from people who say the TH900 and Stratus are a very good match.
New Posts  All Forums: