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 Congrats on getting shipment notification. Still haven't got mine. Got a notice for final payment so I assume I was in this batch Are there still 115V units to be shipped from this batch?
Wow that is a beauty, @Maxvla !   *kinda wished I had gone with red haha. But any color is gorgeous with this amp.
I haven't received a notice.   I guess that means I'm one of the unlucky 4 of this batch of 60 that has to wait for the new top panels. Bummer.
A monochromatic rig is boring.   You need anodized aluminum to give your basic black components a frisson of swankiness.
First time I'm annoyed at a holiday coming up
  If you've already decided on buying it, then why do you need specs, reviews, and every detail of the manufacturing and shipping process?
  I can definitely wait because there is nothing out there like it for the price. Go ahead and buy another dac if you can't wait. As for me (and probably quite a few like me), I don't think schiit has to worry about us moving on.
  I have never seen a red DAC. I found one though:
Got the e-mail. Very excited.  
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