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 I should be getting my Eikon soon ('burning in' right now). I will hook up my Raptor and let you know. I'm curious as well since it's the only OTL I have right now.
 Thanks for the review. Which headphones did you use to evaluate the 535SE?
 No regrets here. Gumby and Rag is what I was looking for after years of trying other gear. First time I've been satisfied with my system.
 This issue is talked about here in the Gungnir is a known issue with some transports. From the Gungnir manual: FAQ Hey, this thing clicks between songs/between inputs/etc!Yes, it does. Care to explain why?Sure. That’s the muting relay engaging when there’s no input. Manycomputer sources turn off the digital audio output between songs and whenchanging sampling rates. We went with a muting relay because...
I have CXC and Gumby. The CXC is a great CD transport for the money. It was a definite step up from my Rega Apollo R which I was using as a transport before. More detail and a much more open and spacious depiction of soundstage.   However, you should be aware that with the Gungnir MB there is a somewhat annoying delay after you press play, so that if a track has no lead time you won't hear the first couple of seconds. It also will do this when forwarding or going back a...
Tyll put up his Big Sound report on headphone amps and the Moon Neo was one of his faves.
 +1 I have the BDA-2 and I am curious how they compare as well.
 I have the Bryston and Rag also, so I'm really looking forward to comparisons with GMB as you get more hours on it.
 I agree. Going from SE to balanced on HD800s/Rag made a big difference. The sound that review described with HD800s was similar to what I heard with the stock cable single-ended. It all changed when I got my balanced cable. ymmv
 No humming from my Ragnarok. I put my ear on top of it...and dead silence. The only Glenn Gould hums I hear are from Glenn Gould recordings played through my Ragnarok...which reveals them quite well unfortunately.
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