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I can only say I've never seen/felt that with a Hugo before. I hope your Hugo's okay.
Could you clarify that for us @AndrewH13? I don't really have a clue what you're describing.
Or dip it in gold paint.
Hi @OK-Guy, I have a quick question. Is the warranty limited with the Chord Hugo or is it not?Thank you. Just an unrelated question to everyone but, is it not normal for the RCA plugs to develop some issue or become loose after frequent usage over a couple of months? I would also guess it depends on the RCA cable plug because my Wire World Eclipse 7s' plugs are awfully tight compared to some other RCA analog cable's I've got.
Yes it does make sense if you think that way but I want to have the Hugo in my mobile set up with my DAP for use around my house and outdoors. It's a shame almost all Chords are so pricey :p.
Weird, they had the Flow in a Korean show being sold by Aurender for about $900 USD. I guess it's because it's a Korean company.I had a chance to A/B the Hugo and the Flow side by side 3 days ago and I have to say, I liked the Hugo's sound more. It was more neutral and overall had a presentation of music that was more "special." It just gets you involved more into the music that you listen to.Were you able to listen to the LC with the Flow feeding it?
It's limited edition already sold in China though, I asked the same question already. Just imagine how it would look strapped to a golden AK240... drool...
That's kinda scary. Did that happen overnight or over a lone period of time?I heard it's Bluebird or something in this thread.. not sure though.
I had a hard time resisting until I listened to the Hugo. Then Hugo happened to me. (literally)Also, I don't know much about the Lab 1 but the AK240 might not the device for you if you're looking for the "richest" sound.The 240 is transparent, has great soundstage, refined, and so on but it's not known to have the most thick or rich sound.
It may be just me but I usually like BA driver IEMs a lot with the AK240 better than most other DAPs.FI-BA-SS with the 240 is fantastic although I do not know about the Lab 1.
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