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Wonder what the UE900S will be like with this.
One thing that I noticed was that the FI-BA-SS will go loud like LOUD with any DAP but it just sounds not great at ALL with the DX90, X5, or the Cowon P1. Its great soundstage becomes lost with other DAPs than the 240(I know 240 has a great soundstage but that doesn't mean it will get large soundstage out of something that doesn't have a big one like the Amperier). The crazy clarity becomes less to I think with other DAPS as well.I'm down for a universal IEM for the AK240...
Yea! Love the clarity and the soundstage.People say that it is only good with certain genres but I haven't noticed it yet. I will listen to it more for a while though.I like everything about the design although the puny cable is a downer.
I had a listen with AK240+Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS. LOVED it.
24k gold lol. This thing is for sale in Korea for $1550 or so.
I have to say Cowon P1 was pretty crap when I tried it out. It sounded a bit warm, dark, and what some might call it "analogue" but then as a high-res player, it lacked detail and depth. Soundstage was smaller than the 240 and the 240 drove hard to drive phones better.
lucky bastard! lol.nice setup thereI'm sure the Hugo makes a difference in sound but one thing I do not understand about the AK240+ Hugo setup is the fact that AK240 cannot output DSD files. (240 can output only up to 192K through line out)
Sooo, I am in my favourite headphone store in Seoul, Korea, and I have listened to the P1, AK240, and the X5 so far with the Westone W60 and the Final Audio Design Bass or whatever its called. I have to say, the AK240 is the best out of any portable player I've ever listened to. I was looking forward to the Cowon P1 a lot but it sounded less detailed, warmer, a little darker, smaller soundstage, and in the end, inferior  to the AK240. X5 seemed unable to match the AK240 at...
In what way do you mean?
I seriously think Cowon P1 should be here in this thread:p I'll give it a serious listen against the 240 soon.
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