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I'm guessing those are the 80's not the 60's? If so, this is great!Looks much more compact than I had imagined. I have the N5 atm and looking at the size comparison in the photo, the size of the DX80 gets a big thumbs up from me.Just gotta wait for the release date and the finalized price... (probably $350).
Hmm... the article says it'll be $199 which is good but then it also says that it is bassy sounding and the current version will appeal to hip hop and electronic music fans. That's not really what I'd like to hear since I like neutral but we'll see I guess.
Ha. I tried...
Literally? :S
It's going to be less than $2K (probably $1.5K). Initial show impressions seem to leave some people preferring it to the HEK.No idea how good it's going to be for now but I think the price is a little more sane now. LCD-4? Meh. It'll probably going to break down in a few months and supposedly it has no bass. I'm not into Audeze.
I have high expectations for the upcoming HiFiMan Edition X.
I feel like the L2 is actually more balanced and less V-shaped than the X2. Also, X2's a bit too laid back to my tastes. Glad you found something you like man!
I like the L2 a lot more than the X2 personally (although many are the opposite).If you like the easygoing Phillips house sound, each to his own.
Better than the HP50?Isn't the L2 open-backed (I can't remember).
LOL... is that the one earbud that's like 2K or 3K?They have all of them at the headphones store I visit often. I guess I should not risk listening them.
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