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Woah. They're probably watching us so I'm gonna say that's too much :)Wonder how they do against the SE846.
Wonder what the pricing will be... they look pretty expensive to me.
Then I'll be waiting for the Angie Universal before I buy the AK240 with the FI-BA-SS which I planned to do. Price for Angie doesn't seem too crazy to me.
Ouch... lol I would say quarter of the price though. However, I do love the FI-BA-SS. Its clarity is so great, it's like Stax of in-ears to me(something special basically :p).
Final Audio Design makes a $3.5K earbud :p
You make them sound like Beats LOL.
FI-BA-SS has only 1 BA driver and for me, despite having only 1 driver per shell, it's like the Stax of in-ears. The clarity of these is the best I have ever heard from in-ears. This is the first audio equipment that I think is too clear sounding if there is such a thing and the bass is amazing for 1 BA driver. All I can say is Final Audio Design must have some magic going on in their R&D section.Well, I would say that you can't really compare the 650 to the Shures because...
Sorry for my wallet, I am going to buy the Final Audio Design's FI-BA-SS and the AK240 soon :) AND fortunately though, my favourite headphone is the HD650 even after trying out Audeze, Stax, Abyss, and so on.From the description of the sound you like it seems like you will like the Fostex's TH500RP. It's got really good treble response. It's got nice silky highs and mids are as smooth. It's very different from their TH900 or TH600. The bass is also nice but you won't get...
er due to HP50's somewhat unique design, I haven't found any earpads that would fit them.Anyway, Shures are good for the money too but HP50's presentation of music + detail+ isolation and so on just does not happen at 250$
It takes at least 40-50 mins to get used to the HP50 and once you understand it, you'll start to appreciate it. Not that this should be your favourite sound but I love these as much as my 650s.
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