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lucky bastard! lol.nice setup thereI'm sure the Hugo makes a difference in sound but one thing I do not understand about the AK240+ Hugo setup is the fact that AK240 cannot output DSD files. (240 can output only up to 192K through line out)
Sooo, I am in my favourite headphone store in Seoul, Korea, and I have listened to the P1, AK240, and the X5 so far with the Westone W60 and the Final Audio Design Bass or whatever its called. I have to say, the AK240 is the best out of any portable player I've ever listened to. I was looking forward to the Cowon P1 a lot but it sounded less detailed, warmer, a little darker, smaller soundstage, and in the end, inferior  to the AK240. X5 seemed unable to match the AK240 at...
In what way do you mean?
I seriously think Cowon P1 should be here in this thread:p I'll give it a serious listen against the 240 soon.
What were you using to drive the IE800s? I'm sure IE800 is superior but they're not closed iems like RE-600s so I would keep them lol.
I've got a little more than 3000 cds or so in flac :) I've got a lot of files that are above the cd resolution so that's why I've got to have about 3tb of space.
I think the same way. I will have to try to have serious listening with IEMs now for a while.
I listen to anything you can imagine from Screaming Jay Hawkins, AC/DC, Amy Winehouse, John Coltrane, Mendelssohn, etc. I've got almost 3tb of CD+ quality music so I wanted something portable I can depend on to use at audio shows, my favourite audio shop, my friend's house, on a bus, etc. I just don't know much about iems because I didn't like them until maybe a few months ago; back then I thought they will damage my ears or something. This all changed just because I want...
What iem would you say is the best with the stock AK240? I wanted to go for a CIEM but I'm 16 and don't want to reshape my ciem if my ear shape changes. From what I know, your ear shape might change if you're age is under 20 or so. :pI'm thinking of SE846, IE800, or something like that.
hmm, sounds like I would like the AK240 better overall.
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