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I think Schiit's new Yggy is also using a dac chip like that or something? (not sure I heard it from somewhere on head-fi) I wonder why there are SO many dacs nowadays and so little use custom chis like this. Perhaps magical fairy dust is the key!
Perhaps the Schiit WYRD would help the USB?
Thanks. Neither could I! I'm sure it's mod-able. I'm going to do the quarter mod for sure but then I'll have to listen after the mod to decide whether or not I'll do the other mods that require me to open up the cups.I'm burning the 80e's right now :)! Will do the quarter mod in maybe 3-4 days or so.
I guess he wants the Hugo TT. Or even an Audi TT.
Good to know :) thanks.Can you give me info or let me know of a thread that has the dampening mod? I have managed to figure out about the venting and the quarter mod but not the dampening mod. Thank you.If it really does not look so great after opening it, I might as well stick with only the quarter mod for my 80es then (after doing more research).
Well, despite the lack of confirmation, I have ordered the 80e! :) I'm planning to do the quarter mod and the venting mod (that's all I know).
I would love to pair this up with the Chord Hugo. Can anyone comment on the headphone outputs of the Hugo versus out of the Liquid Carbon's through the Hugo? Thank you.
Must be in the $7K+ range then...
Hi Head-fi people. I plan to get a new Grado SR60E or the SR80E to mod. I was wondering if the new models are mod-able. The older models could be easily taken apart using a hair dryer but since the new models came out, I am worried that it would be impossible/difficult to mod them since the build is supposed to be improved. ‚ÄčThank you.
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