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I am actually on the search for a DAP to solely take on the job of feeding the Hugo digital data and it'll be a long while before it ends. It will come to an end and at the moment I cannot say the AK380's really a big contender for me as I prefer coaxial over optical which A&K players do not have. YMMVThank you for the enthusiasm though.Cheers.
I have tried it for a bit over 2 hours at a headphone store. It is superior to the AK240 in some respects yes, but the overall tonality is more pleasing to me with the 240. Like I said, it's just my personal preference. From my somewhat negative post you quoted it is apparent I did not end up buying it although I was planning to. And yes, I like my Hugo as well. Perhaps the 380 just isn't my cup of tea. :p
I've tried the AK380 and my impressions are quite bad. Compared to my Hugo it immediately seemed to be more digital sounding and the overall tonal balance just did not seem as natural as the Hugo. Maybe it's just not my taste. Weight, size, ergonomics are in one word terrible. Price cannot be justified at all in my eyes. Some cheap DAP + Hugo easily outclasses it in my eyes, not to mention the fact that the portability of such a set up would not be really any worse than...
Nostalgia? lol
Ahead of my application a big thank you to Cayin for setting this tour up for Head-fi!   Your location (City and Country): Seoul, South Korea Headphone(s) you have: Sennheiser HD650, HD598, NAD Viso HP50, Grado SR80E (modded by me), Martin Logan Mikros 90, Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs, and more. I can borrow a few iems from a buddy of mine. Same goes for more headphones. Music player(s) you have: iBasso DX50 Cayin product(s) you possess (if any): None at the moment. Links...
My bad for not being too knowledgeable about the Hugo. Thanks for the info! :D
Thanks for the heads-up and comments. My HP50 will be fixed by next month I think so that's a no-go at the moment. I am both a PCM and DSD person but the thing is the Hugo only takes up to 24/192 through optical and up to 32/384 or something like that through the coaxial from what I know.I may be wrong but DSD is only though the HD-USB. So, DSD through coaxial would not happen for me even if it is added to the N5's features. All I can hope for is high res PCM, which is...
@Duncan ,How is it when it feeds digital data through optical output to the Hugo?I am considering this setup though something like an A&K player might be easier to use in terms of UI because there's been a lot of comments about the great SQ.If there's not much of a difference I'll just go for a DAP with a good UI and a big touchscreen. Thank you! :D
No problem! I've never gone on Head-fi mobile before so I didn't know. Just a heads-up: N5 is going on sale on the seventh in Korea.
All my gear is listed in my signature (or whatever it's called below your post). I'm using a DX50 atm.I really think it's the bottle-neck in my current system because it's got the smallest soundstage of all the DAPs, computers, etc I've fed the Hugo digital data with.Its got one of the best bass but I think it's due to the DX50 having a coaxial output instead of optical output. USB input also has less bass than the coaxial input and has a different tonality than the...
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