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I want to ask you guys before I make any assumptions: I use the DX80 to output coaxial output to my Hugo. I'm running 1.1.4. and whenever I play WAV files (which are 24 bit/192Khz or less) which are said to be supported on the iBasso website for the DX80, my DX80 freezes. Only way to get out of that freeze is to hold the off button until it turns off and this repeats whenever I try to output wav files through the coaxial output. Additionally, I checked to see if it's the...
DX200... finally a TOTL that I have been expecting for a while. Vote for the design. I heard that it will have replaceable amp modules and it is scheduled to come out in May although delays may happen.
I find the HD650 to be quite fatiguing for FPS so I stick with my HD598s for gaming although I would like to try out one of the open-backed Audio-Technicas someday...
I'm sure you might know already but MMCX connectors are known for going bad and disconnecting after a period of use.I think MMCX connectors should not be used at all. I prefer 2 pin connectors.
Can't you get it directly from them?Or the Lotoo PAW5000 is an alternative for a player with optical out.Also, if you're looking for coaxial output, FiiO players could work.
$399... 'Nuff Said.
I may be wrong but that's what started happening to me before the cable inside the headband disconnected completely.For me, that's how it all began and as time passed, it kept happening more frequently and more severely. It took a while for it to completely disconnect but it did happen to me that way.It may not be it but the only solution to that I can come up with it to get a custom cable that connects to both sides.I haven't found time to order one yet although this...
Tried the DX80 today. Time to say goodbye to my DX50. DX80 + Hugo was also good, even better than DX50 + Hugo. I'll order it on Tuesday. :)
I think the Cayin N5 does this (or I was told that it will become available through future firmware updates which I cannot recall if it happened already or not).
I am wishing for a firmware update in the future that might possibly able to address this issue.Unless it's technically impossible because of certain hardware limitations, it should be possible.
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