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Many thanks!
Would someone please point me in the right direction to replace the wire that came with the amp. I have no idea where to buy this and limited time to google "options."   Love the little amp connected to my x1-carbon solid state laptop.   Thanks,   Paul
Any "audiophiles" in the house?
Small receiver I can hook up my headset and later via tube amp. Suggestions under $300.   Thanks - P.
Thanks man -
Groovy review. thanks -
Hi all, I'm new to this blog. I'm a Leica rangefinder camera blogger--mostly on except for the fact I'm extremely busy these days  -- not much time to ponder esoteric concepts and ideas related to elite image making.   I have Sennheiser HD558 cans powered by my X1-Carbon solid state laptop and Galaxy tablet. I have Audio Technica M50 enroute as we speak as well as FiiO EIII. All my tunes are on the cloud. I'm getting some gear to support 2-3 can...
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