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Grills? BBQ? Ribs? mmmmmmmm..... Post-Downtime edit: Still looking for both items, the grills especially!
Thx for looking, I am searching an adapter like this between HD650 cable's 1/4 plug and Corda Move.
I got my pair of HD580 and want to mod it. Looking for HD600 grills and an adapter (1/4 f -> 1/8 m), Senn original or any "strain relief in mind" version.
I bought the Senn 580s from Larry. They were shipped the same day and they arrived in mint condition. Perfect transaction! Thanks!
I'll participate with $24.90, which is left in my PP acco.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy "friends dont let friends think bose is good" Yeah, 2nd. Actually, I would surely inform my friends that there are better products with better price/quality ratio, but if they have already bought Bose system and is satisfied with his/her purchase, why ruin their experience. That's my view.
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Ha ha ha I have a friend to sell and mount BOSE multi room systems, for private houses, stores, restaurants, etc. He talk big about BOSE' equipment, and I usually just nod as well. Its actually 'not' that bad. Its just insane overpriced imo. Yeah, I have one friend who has bought uber expensive Bose home theather systen that sound just little above a Philips systen 1/10 of the price. They are ok, better...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander A new Move with rechargeable feature as well as a better jack? Is the rechargeabilty a confirmed feature? Can v1s be updated to v2? Just got my Move and noticed it cant charge batteries. I somehow though it a really regular feature and Move has it, but was suprised it cant... And yeah, I have been away from headphones and amps so I was cut out of this info...
Quote: Originally Posted by wui223 active ground means? Means it's active, just like left and right channel...?-D
Lumient/Petri contacted me through my WTB thread and I bought his Corda Move. Really smooth and fast transaction. A+!
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