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If this is true that's awesome!
Other than bass, are there any areas you think the UM Pro 30s best the Orions? Trying to decide between these two at the moment.
I just read a review for the Aethers and the reviewer made them sound very good. They have 5 drivers vs the Novas 2 and they're at least twice the price, but you think they sound pretty close? That's obviously great if so
It does seem a bit of a shame to give one person both the (near) entry level model and the topest tier model, as it would obviously be hard to stay unbiased towards the higher model. But your impressions have been helpful to me and I thank you very much for giving them Can you possibly compare them to similar models such as the Westone UM Pro 30s?
Can the Novas be driven decently enough from a smartphone? I have a C5D but wouldn't want to have to take it everywhere.
Sorry for a potentially stupid question, but... Are the Novas leaps and bounds ahead of IEMs such as the Westone UM Pro 30s, PSB M4U-4s and RHA T20s? The normal price is quite a bit higher but if I got the Novas through the Massdrop offer then they'd be about the same. I love the design and philosophy surrounding Campfire Audio but there's very limited impressions of the Novas (obviously) and I don't want to buy just on blind faith. Again, sorry if this question seems...
I have them. I may write a review at some point as there really is no info out there. For the £30 they are now they're pretty good (I think, I have almost nothing to compare them to, though...) They're bassy, but not offensively so. They have good mids and pretty good clarity but also have some silibance that I haven't been able to burn out so far. I can compare them to the Sony XBA-H1s later on.
I didn't get new pads for mine, I just used some soft polystyrene that came with a phone case, cut the edges off and tucked them between the driver and the pad. Works perfectly (:
Yeah one of my earpads is a bit more pressed in at the top; weird.I actually got this idea from someone in the HP100 thread, but they used tissue paper. I've got enough foam to put all the way around, but I quite like it like this at the moment.
I just put some cut up foam (that came free with a phone case I got) under the back parts of the ear pads. It makes them much more comfortable (as they used to dig into my ears after an hour or so) and tilts the drivers more towards ones ears. So far it only seems to improve sound quality, if anything. Certainly hasn't lowered the quality.
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