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Just goes to show how great it is that Trinity give us all these filters, as I can't imagine not having the gunmetal and purple filters. I can just about manage the gold ones, but even they are a bit too bassy for me.
This is interesting because I'm having a completely different experience. I use the included foam tops as well and haven't been able to find any sibilance at all. Also, with all my other headphones I normally feel fatigue after a while, but with the Sabre not only do I not, but it seems as though I can listen at higher volumes as well. I'm using the purple filters by the way.
Bob has stated that he tests on a smartphone and ensures that all of his IEMs sound great when played from one.
Things may have changed since, but in an email to me Bob said that the Sabre has more forward mids and a more intimate soundstage compared to the M4. He also said that the Sabre has a bit more clarity and the M4 is a bit richer.Didn't say anything about the M6 at the time, though.As I said, this information could have changed by now as I believe Bob is often tweaking the sound on his IEMs before they're released.From what Bob has said to me, I feel as though the Sabre and...
I own the Atlas and the Sabre. I haven't AB'd but I listened to the Atlas a lot before getting my Sabre and can say that I much prefer the Sabre. The resolution and clarity is so amazing, better than my £200 over-ear headphones. What's even more amazing is that it comes with no sibilance whatsoever. The soundstage is also bigger than I expected (bigger than the Atlas'), I wouldn't say it's huge but it has a nice balance between large and intimate (sorry, that's a bit...
Received mine today Got my email notification yesterday at 1600 but it just said they'd received my order and were getting it ready, no update on it being delivered. Initial impressions: Amazing detail and clarity, yet without any sibilance. I tested on my most sibilant tracks and none could be detected, even with the wide-bore tips. I have noticed some driver flex, though. I've heard this isn't necessarily something that can cause damage, though. Can anyone confirm...
Wow, thank you so much for the graphs Would you say the Campfire trio sound darker than the Trinity lot, then?Is it just the signature of the Delta V2 you prefer or do they also compare well in separation, imaging and soundstage etc.?
Awesome, thank you
Have you listened to any of the other Campfire Audio iems? I'd love to know how some of the equivalent Trinity iems compare.
Are you inside or outside of the UK?Trinity don't deliver on a Saturday for some reason, either, do they?
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