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I didn't get new pads for mine, I just used some soft polystyrene that came with a phone case, cut the edges off and tucked them between the driver and the pad. Works perfectly (:
Yeah one of my earpads is a bit more pressed in at the top; weird.I actually got this idea from someone in the HP100 thread, but they used tissue paper. I've got enough foam to put all the way around, but I quite like it like this at the moment.
I just put some cut up foam (that came free with a phone case I got) under the back parts of the ear pads. It makes them much more comfortable (as they used to dig into my ears after an hour or so) and tilts the drivers more towards ones ears. So far it only seems to improve sound quality, if anything. Certainly hasn't lowered the quality.
I have the Z2 with the earbuds. I must say they work very well. There is a little buzz when no music is playing (only with NC on) but once the music starts playing you don't notice it. I can't tell the difference in music quality between NC on or off, either, sounds just as clean and clear either way. The only downfall is that the microphones pick up wind, a lot. This means that when walking down a street with traffic and wind, you often get a better experience by having...
The one I have is slightly different, but they look the same size so that would should definitely fit as well.Edit: That's right, would should!
I managed to buy a tiny mini-jack extension that fit into the HP100s perfectly. However I bought it on eBay and can't for the life of me find it again. It was under the title of iPhone mini-jack something or other.
Oh fair enough. I'll have to check for you when I get back home : )
I gave mine to my fiancée because they fit around her ears. If you're thinking of getting the MDRs I'd suggest looking at the PSB M4U 1s (that's what I have now). They have a similar (but better) sound to the Onkyos but are much more comfortable. You could also try out the SoundMAGIC HP100s. To be honest I'd stay away from the Onkyos anyway. They're not bad sounding, but so uncomfortable and I feel you can get much more for just a little more money.
Glad you've found a setting that suits you : )
Oh I thought you could make custom EQs in iTunes and then transfer it over. Probably wrong, I don't use Apple stuff. And who cares if you're using EQ as long as you like the sound? EQ has really bad connotations around here, but it's an extremely cheap way of getting similar results to those of expensive equipment (within reason and depending on what you want out of it).
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