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Pm sent
Pm sent
Sorry but i sold them
price reduced yet
I am selling this IEM HEIR 4.Ai with buck-eye burl for 255 dollars. They are like new condition with less than 50 hours use. Come with all boxes and accessories, cleaning tool, cable and a cleaned set of tips (not used) as you can see in photos. Shipping and paypal fee are both not included on the price.  PM any questions!
maybe it could be a good choice...but i would buy a custom iem.. a good custom iem with a good quality/price..to listen jazz and rock :) thanks
Hi...i'm searching for a iem for jazz,vocal jazz and a little bit of rock 70/80 and pop..my budget is around 250/320$.. I saw Heir 4ai..is it a Good choice? Any help please?
I can't found vsonic gr07be in that site..it's Good for jazz and rock? Thanks for your suggestion.. Other suggestion? Thanks
Thanks to answered me.. I like a sound little warm and much musical.
Hi all, I would to upgrade my Akg q460 with a higher level can or iem. I listen much music and i prefer jazz, vocal jazz, a little bit of rock 70's/80's and a little bit of pop music. I like so much Akg k702/702 annie, but i don't know if it' sa Good choice for me.. I Also prefer a iem setup.. And i see for universal Heir 4Ai that i can buy on this forum.. Heir is a god choice? Or is there a better iem for my preferred music style? Not now, but with Heir i can reshell with...
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