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ididn't know that iem was so expensive..i had a pair of heir 4..but i sell it some years ago..For jazz music IT'S better bass or mid?And in this list which it's better for me?
An example?
And for a portable setup? I need a serious dap and another pair of headphone (maybe a serious iem to play jazz, Classical and a little bit of rock) or a headphone with lower impedence? I accept all yours suggestion. Thanks
And another question now. I would buy a violectric v200 ad desktop amp, IT'S good? Then...i need a portable amp too..some suggestion? Thanks
I don't understand..sorry..
And for jazz Music i think HD650 IT'S better than k702 or not?
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I understand much more and i have a clear idea now.Thank you. I think that i'll buy HD650.Thanks. I found a pair of HD650 near my town, 280euro new because IT'S a not good gift for The owner. I think IT'S vero good.I'll buy the HD650 probably. 280euro new IT'S a very best price. Do you think IT'S a good choice?I have to buy a desktop amp now. Violectric?Thanks to all
So i'm understanding that what i would IT'S quite i ask you..which headphone i have to choose to listen my favourite Music?and which desktop amp? Not only for 350euro but more too. Thank you so much for your suggestion.
sorry, but i can't explain well... i like a warmer sound because i listen jazz music but i would a flat headphone or much as flat as possible. so you think that akg k702 it's not the right choice? which you think that i have to consider?thanks a lot
There is only a problem. I can't try he400s because IT'S Not Simple to find them in Italy. I would buy a desktop amp to drive Also a different kind of headphones too. I like a warmer sound.
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