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I would love to go to Japan someday for this very reason. Here in Wales there aren't any hifi stores within about 100 miles and ones further afield still have nowhere near that much variety. richersounds is about as good as it gets for me unfortunately :(.
Thanks both of you, think I will keep my gray plates and save some money then :D
Thanks, by the way are you talking about the RCA gray or black plates? as I already own the gray plates.
What is generally considered the best tube pairings with the sennheiser HD 650's? I have just picked up a pair of Bendix 6080WB's from a fellow head-fi'er and just got a NIB pair of tung sol 6sj7gt mesh plates for a bargain price of £17 off ebay. Are these two considered a good match with the 650's? or would a pair of 5998's with maybe 5693 reds be better? Thanks
Has anyone compared it to the Topping D20? very interested as I am looking for an upgrade.
I live in the UK and luckily never got taxed due to me requesting them to value the item and ship it at a price low enough not to be taxed by customs. And on top of that the shipping was free which is crazy seen as the amp weighs around 10kg. And the $570 price was because it was on offer at the time but seems like that has ended now. A steal in my opinion considering how amazing this amp is; even for $659 I would say it is a bargain :).
Just subbed to this thread. Found it a bit late but looks like I found it just at the right time seen as you have just received the first model. Looks very fancy and am looking forward to more impressions from you and others who purchase successive models. I'm very curious to how it sounds compared to the La Figaro 339 as mine new was $580 which is in roughly the same ball park as the Elise though I guess I will have to wait for that :D.
Thanks for the reply. Mine is kinda closed in as I have speakers either side of it but there are gaps between them of about 2 inches each side. I have decided to buy some isolation cones so I can prop the amp up on them to increase air flow underneath the amp which will hopefully help cool it a bit. If I had more room I would have it away from all my other equipment but the only place I can keep it is on my desk unfortunately :(
Just a quick question. How hot do peoples LF 339's run? mine runs so hot on occasion the casing cant be touched. Should I try to ventilate it more or is this completely normal? Thanks
'With the Sennheiser HD650, I even experimented with EQ’ing to get to make it to sound as it usually does with a whole bunch of other amps, but I quickly abandoned that attempt. I really don’t find the Senns to pair well with the O2. The Hifiman HE-400 with its thicker mids and powerful bass, does very well with the O2. The O2 softens the parts I find the HE-400 to focus too much on and as a result you get a nice match. Good detail, soundstage and clarity, as good as it...
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