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Interesting. Wish I could try it myself but my gear restricts me from this :D
I'm pretty sure 24 bit is commonly used in recording and production. 32 bit no, not currently but why not have audio equipment capable of this for the future if 32 bit recordings do come about? (even if the difference over 24 bit is inaudible to humans)
I have to sell the D18 first so I have a fair while to contemplate what to buy. Will the X20 be in a similar price range? Or has this information not been released yet.
I read up on this a bit and yes the D18 can only play 24/192 because it doesn't use USB or I2s as you said. I think its a bit ridiculous that they state it is a 32 bit DAC when it doesn't actually have the inputs to support this. As I would have to buy a U12 to use the D18 anyway as a converter I am very tempted to sell the Yulong and buy the Gustard X12 instead as it works out as the same price but is able to run 32bit recordings. The X12 can be used directly out of my PC...
Thanks. No it doesn't have an i2s input. Why would yulong advertise it as a 32bit/192khz DAC though?
Ok thank you. To exceed this would I need to change my source? and would it work in the way I am planning to use it? as a usb to optical converter. Sorry if these are noobie questions but I have no idea about this and I don't want to buy it and waste money if it doesn't do what I need it to do 
Hi, guys. I recently purchased a Yulong D18 but the optical out on my sound card doesn't work therefore I was thinking of buying the U12 to convert USB out from my computer to optical. As I am not very good with this kind of stuff I was wondering if this would work? and would it be able to handle up to 32-bit 192Khz recordings? Thanks
Would love to but cant afford it at the moment as I have just bought the d18. Can only just afford 1 HA-200 as is but I'm going to hold off until I get a bit more money behind me. Balanced is definitely tempting me for the future though but think I will just get 1 HA-200 and if I really enjoy it then I will pull the trigger on a second  
I talked to my dad about this and he agreed with you that it may work but the signal wouldn't be balanced and there is a potential for problems. RCA splitters are definitely the way to go with this unless I decide to buy 2 and go mono-block balanced. Thank you very much for your wisdom and help on this topic :D
Sorry I should have explained myself better. I'm not so bothered about it being balanced really I was just wondering whether it would work as I will already be using the RCA ports on the Yulong for my La Figaro 339 and was wondering if the XLR outs could be used instead of the coax or optical as extra output options.
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