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just picked up a pair for £34 which seems like a bargain. I look forwards to trying them. hopefully they will suit my needs and the NC seems like an added bonus for the cheap price. 
Hi, nice review. I was thinking of getting them myself but you stated that there are better options in this price bracket. What would you recommend over these for portable cans? Have you any experience with the donscorpio dolphin?   Thanks
Far more ambitious than I am. good luck to you. Hopefully the assembly will all go well. :)
Sounds like its going to be fun :D. My aim for the future (a far distant future) is to eventually save for the la figaro 339. Sound wise its suppose to be terrific. It looks extremely well made and internally looks very clean.
I've spent so much over the last few months on tubes ,amplifiers and cables. Not sure I could justify spending even more on a new amplifier haha :D
That may be the best bet. I dont fancy buying a completely new amp for my low impedance headphones :D. Thanks again.
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have tried them with the gain in high and low positions and get the same results either way =/ though the low gain is slightly better but still unlistenable as the distortion is so bad. I guess I will just have to use my d5000s with my portable setup instead.
Hello everyone, I'm back again :) in the time since I last posted here I have thoroughly been enjoying my tung sol 6f8g's with my c3g;s and sennheiser 650's. Though the other day I decided to try my denon d5000's through the amp. So I plugged in my denon's and flicked the switches on the base of the LD to lower impedance mode, and all I was hearing was major distortion. I had this problem before with the 6sn7's and thought it may be that I had a faulty jack or wire in my...
Thanks. Where can I buy cardas cable in the UK? as for DIY cable I can only find speaker and tonearm cable. Edit: found some
Thanks for the input I think I'm going to try fit a different headband anyway as a little project seen as I am planning on re-cabling them for dual entry anyway. On a side note what cable would people recommend for this re-cabling? There are so many options I am unsure what to choose.   Thanks
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