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I suppose you could always quarter mod the Senn pads if that seemed to be the case for anyone. I think you would still get the comfory benefit. I personally can't listen to the SR60,80 or 125 for too long. I find them too bright and this might be a good mod if I still had any of those. I've moved on to the 325e and PS500e and have no complaints on the sound signature with this mod. 
Found this simple and inexpensive mod recently, during a recent trip around the interwebs. I don't remember the site, but will post an update once I find it, to give the author credit. The author was a big fan of Grado headphones. At the time he wrote his article, the PS500 was his favorite. His only gripe was the comfort issue. Like him, I find the comfort lacking and have trouble wearing them for extensive listening sessions, which is a problem since I've been listening...
I have an excellent condition RSA Emmeline HR-2 that I would like to trade. Will consider all offers... Headphones, IEMs, DACs, amps (Partial to Schiit amps). Can send pics if requested. Thanks!
BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER!! Made a trade deal with LingLing1337 (KEN MANCINI). Shipped my item to him on mutually agreed date (delivered on 6/29). He has not shipped this item to me. Gave several chances to make things right. Completely unresponsive to my messages. I know he has been online, so he saw my messages and had the opportunity to contact me and try to resolve things. In process of filing mail fraud claim.
I got my FAAEAL and seahf earbuds. The FAAEAL 300 ohm (corrected from 150 ohm I previously posted) sound pretty good. At first a bit bright. After 17 hours of burn in with pink noise and a few hours of music, most of the top end harshness has pretty much disappeared. The seahf 320 ohm buds were a pleasant surprise. They have the same sound characteristics as a decenr pair of mid-fi on-ears. Nice soundstage, good bass impact and definition, clear mids and no harshness or...
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hopefully more will chime in.   ESL-1: I did indeed forget to list the ML's, but to be perfectly honest, they are out shined by the others. 
I've just started my foray into the quality IEM world. While I'm currently wallowing in the shallow end, I can see a whole lot of potentially great audio bliss using IEMs. I currently have Shure SE215,Havi B3 Pro 1,MEE M6 Pro and due any day FAAEAL 150 ohm and seaHF 320 ohm. I'm curious to know if anyone started out using headphones and has made the switch to either mostly, or exclusively, using IEMs? I have no intention of parting with my Grado PS500e or 325e, but I can...
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