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Looking for TOOL cd's. I have Lateralus, Aenima and Undertow. Looking for the rest.    Might have some cd's to trade, depending on your musical preferences (rock, blues, prog, metal, onsie-twosies of some others).    Thanks for looking.
I would love to try them. If it turns out that I don't decide to keep them, I will give them away to someone. Thanks!
Optical Modi in excellent condition. Want to trade for a Magni, Vali, or a DAP (no iPods).    Will sell for $80. PP included but not shipping.   Thanks for looking!
I have a Schiit Asgard that I would like to trade for a tube, tube hybrid, amp (DV, LD, etc.). In excellent condition and works perfectly. I will also include a PS Audio Power Punch power cable. Thanks!   PS I've been known to change my mind on a whim, so feel free to shoot me an offer on a SS amp if you'd like!!
PM sent
My optical Modi and Asgard is also a winning combo with Grados.
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