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PM sent.
First a quick correction from one of my posts. I meant a Modi 2 Uber, not Mani. Here's my litmus test... I have a particular song, on a particular live CD, that sonically ticks all the right boxes for me. When I change any part of the audio chain, I listen to that. If it sounds good and I don't want to stop listening, then I know the combo will be a good one.
Hit reply too quickly. Meant to add that I exclusively use Grados SR325e and PS500e headphones. These combos work for me almost all the time. When there is something that I don't quite like it almost always comes down to the recording itself.
Hey I hear you loud and clear! I'm speaking from experience. I've been through a ridiculous amount of combos. I've settled on my Valhalla, Lyr and Lyr 2. I'm hoping to add a Val 2, because I know I will like it. Using a Mani 2 Uber and Audio Alchemy DACs.
Sounds like you are getting caught up in the downward spiral of "upgraditis"! You make it seem that your Val2 and 600's are synergistic enough to bring you enjoyment about 90% of the time. Seems pointless to chase a solution for only 10% of your problem. Trust me, you will never find a combo that gives you absolutely everything you are hoping to hear each and every time. If you manage to find another amp, tubes, etc. that corrects the small issues you notice, what effect...
No worries. Thanks for getting back to me.
I'm looking for a portable amp to use with my digital Walkmans. Any interest in working out a partial trade for my RSA HR-2? Thanks.
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