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Trading my HeadRoom Static line level audio processor, with the upgraded More power supply. Allows you to add an excellent crossfeed processor to any amp you have. Simply place between your source and amp. Has a bypass switch. Excellent condition. Was a pricey piece of kit back in its day.    Looking to trade for headphones. Especially interested in Grado's, but will consider all offers. Will consider amps as well. Especially desktop tube amps.   Will sell outright if...
My pleasure. Hope to see you there!
I'll be there!
Ya know, you guys got me second guessing my decision to sell these. Just listened to them again with an amp I hadn't tried them with yet (iFi iCan Nano = Amaaaazing!). They sound too good to sell! Closing ad.
Buy mine... Sell yours... Problem solved! 
Selling a pair of grado SR80's with red AluMod cups. Excellent condition. Price includes shipping and PP fees. Thanks!
I've decided that I don't like being tethered to walls anymore! Selling/trading my collection of small, desktop amps. Looking for quality portables for trade. Will sell/trade individually or in bundles. All are in excellent condition. Will provide details as needed. Please feel free to send offers. Thanks!   1- Schiit Vali: $90   **SOLD**   2- Schiit Magni: $90 $80  **SOLD**    3- HeadRoom The Little Version with More power supply (with crossfeed audio processor):...
No worries. Thanks!
Considering trades? Thanks.
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