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Pairs very well with the Lyr.
I had an Asgard that sounded great with my Grados (325e and PS500e). I know that Grados are typically not a good match for OTL amps, but according to 6 Moons the Valhalla sounds great with the PS1000's, so I pulled the trigger and made a deal for a Valhalla. Really glad I did! Very crisp and detailed sound without being overly bright in any way. Bass is distinct, without becoming muddy and each note easily distinguished. Goes deep when it needs to, but otherwise not...
Works well with the Valhalla. Deep bass. Lyr due soon.
Count me in!
They sound great with the Asgard, MAD Ear + HD and Elekit TU882 AS. I have a Valhalla and Lyr coming soon and will let you know about those.
Looking for TOOL cd's. I have Lateralus, Aenima and Undertow. Looking for the rest.    Might have some cd's to trade, depending on your musical preferences (rock, blues, prog, metal, onsie-twosies of some others).    Thanks for looking.
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