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I had a wonderful time at this meet. Met lots of new friends and experienced so many great sounds! Meetings with this much summit-fi equipment are dangerous to the pocket book!    Thank you everyone that put up with my endless chatting. Special thanks to @third_eyefor dinner at Tin as well. Also to @Netforce for being a good roommate and handling all of the Uber/Lyft rides.   Thanks to @moedawg140 for lending me the Andromeda's (they're awesome), and the ride to the...
All of these are blocked in my country. Narnia does not approve of your humorous music videos it seems.
 Those moon runes are too high lvl for me :( I'm getting Cavity prevention per google.
I've got nothing to say. I'm bored and I want to go home
Aeon Flux was quite good indeed. The ending was a little rushed but the atmospheric story telling was great.
Cartoons are dead, they only make CG shows these days.
 Her nose area looks weird and it makes the whole avatar look terrible.   Seems legit. At least people are having fun with their pseudo-surrealist memes. Too bad TYG hates fun :-(
Naw man they got lots of homeless people up there, we can just hang out with them!
Just bought my SF meet ticket. Next up is to stock up on Slim Jims for the road trip 11 hour drive.
 Also thought it was OK. I liked it more than Avengers 2 at least.
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