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 It would be better than the blank crap he keeps assaulting my eyes with!
Ok I was so bored it's time for my Summer 2016 rankings. I watched 32 series (that ended, had some carry-overs from Spring) this time around.   In order from First to Worst: (6 on my scale is average and watchable, 5's are usually ones I wish I had dropped, below that I guess I was feeling masochistic and decided to complete the junk series')   Title MAL Score Amanchu!  8 New Game!  8 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai...
Bored at work on a Friday and NLNH won't put an Avatar in his profile. WORST DAY EVER.
We still love you tyg.
I'll be there. I'm mostly gearless this time so I'll actually get to listen to stuff tomorrow!
 Miceblue is out of control and she doesn't care who she hurts anymore!
Originally cost, it's a lot easier to animate simple designs. On top of that, American animation has historically aimed for more fps vs. aesthetics. Part of what makes "anime" anime, are all of the tricks Japan came up with to cheat animation and get down to 1-12 fps. This all of course was mostly developed in the early days with things like Astro boy, and Speed Racer but you saw it a lot in Dragon Ball fights.Now a theory is that these days, since the cost issue set in in...
This conversation is reminding me why I've stayed out of the camera hobby lol.
 They sure did and some still do! The most recent examples would be the HiFiman HE-6 headphone owners say it's the only to go with those power-hungry headphones.  Here is a fairly long thread where the topic was discussed at length: http://www.head-fi.org/t/649107/speaker-amps-for-headphones
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