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 Her nose area looks weird and it makes the whole avatar look terrible.   Seems legit. At least people are having fun with their pseudo-surrealist memes. Too bad TYG hates fun :-(
Naw man they got lots of homeless people up there, we can just hang out with them!
Just bought my SF meet ticket. Next up is to stock up on Slim Jims for the road trip 11 hour drive.
 Also thought it was OK. I liked it more than Avengers 2 at least.
 I don't know, I like that the little start box scans my emails and automatically detects FedEx tracking numbers, polls the FedEx site, and tells me the status, all without me having to do anything. I understand people finding that kind of behavior "creepy" but this is the future, no one seems to care that their android phones are subject to the same things and most people use their phone a hell of a lot more than a desktop. I agree with RERO, I don't do anything...
They don't need much power, tubes vs. solid state is more a personal preference thing. Some can have higher than average current demands and low impedance, so a quality amplifier would still be a good idea. I have my 'stats on SS and have loved them for years.
 If that's true and it's not HBM, then the scores seem in-line until you think about the die-shrink. The new card should be able to have a bit higher GPU clock or use a lot less power.
 If you really just installed it, that's probably win10 still searching for and updating drivers or indexing or something. Mine did that for a few hours after install then stopped and I haven't noticed anything running when the system should be idle.
 I hope you aren't saying k-on's stage scenes were cheesy and you had to skip them.
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