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Just stopping by to say hi to my AAMML buddies.
Yeah I'm fine with harem anime, absolutely no expectations of a resolution. That way I don't feel like I'm being trolled by the creators
 Lol HEMAD. I don't think I could read a manga that teases it's readers like that.
I DVR the races so I can skip commercials, plus they air live at about 4am here. I refrain from using websites or watching sports channels on TV until I watch the race. Most times I do watch it the same day it aired though
I like chili If I stopped by your place out of nowhere and claimed to be you long lost older brother would you share some with me?
Yeah it's best to stay out of this thread until after you've watched the race
Long week. Hope everyone is well. Re-watched Elfen Lied for 1st time since it aired (holy crap 2004 a little over 10 years..... I'm so old now ). I liked it better on the 2nd run through, that opening sequence is one of the greatest things to ever be animated. Started "No. 6" but stalled at episode 5, haven't been in the mood for it I guess.
 Much weeaboo about nothing I would say.
44 people died in a bus accident in Tibet last August, I think it's more dangerous to ride the bus to Everest than to actually climb it.
Hah but it had Dirty Harry in it! Pretty sure ep 2 will have the horse scene TYG. I thought the many instances of deus ex machina were funny, it was all very tongue in cheek... imo at least. Right away you can tell it was from the creator of Jiggly Heaven.
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