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I didn't forget but I'm waiting for BD release.
 I rest my case. ReptAr is a perfect example. A person that terrorizes the streets and probably runs over the elderly and small children in the name of "fun" dropped FW.
 I thought this was a funny comment from the HiFi is too expensive thread
I'm planning to be there but I need a roommate :-)
 There, ftfy
You can try reading some of this old thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/57899/vinyl-lp-freq-range
 Sansha was good enough to entertain but the cast/writing was missing some ingredient to really make it "great". At least the animation is top notch! Shame on you for not liking Flying Witch
 I'm old so I remember geocities quite well unfortunately.  
 I find stats extremely enjoyable and I listen to everything.
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