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Hi AAMML :3    
   My Vi Infinity came with no USB cable at all. I was so happy that I actually got it (way back in December 2015) that I didn't complain. Given the state of affairs at the time I doubt I would have gotten anywhere no matter how much I complained anyway.
 I read spoilers and you're missing a lot of..... something >_> I hate this show and from reading spoilers I'd hate the manga too. Mostly because it plays really loose with my most hated trope. It's too bad because I can appreciate the great art and direction going into the show and the honest portrayal of awkward teen sex. Its the other crap that they casually pass off as "scum" that I can't stand.
.... he sniffed it lel
Saw Split this weekend. It's really unfortunate this came out so soon after Cloverfield Lane. They're very very similar movies. This is the first M. Night movie I've seen since Unbreakable, I somehow managed to just not see any of his other films. I was a fan of Unbreakable to!   In all this direction seemed pretty good here, the biggest downside was the acting from the supporting cast. It was mediocre at best. I did think James McAvoy did pretty well for himself for the...
 As long as it makes you sparkle~~~
Thanks for my book and keychain @jgray91 !
 The fan in my HP laptop (from... 2005?) died so I took it apart to see if I could do anything to fix it. When I put it back together I only had 5 extra screws in my hand! I thought that was pretty good considering I removed like 300. I couldn't save the fan unfortunately :(
 Highlight of your NAMM I'm sure. Plus you even met my pa.  Sucks you got con crudd. The secret is to not be there all 4 days.......
  Hey your loss man, that just means there'll be more delicious Jerky for me.   
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