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Looks exaclty like the original trade up perk from months ago when the soul was first offered.
I think they think everyone on earth has every Apple product in their homes already.
I've been with Team Green since my Diamond Viper V550 card on Nvidia Riva TNT chipset. Came out in '99 and rocked Half Life and System Shock 2
 Thats why I avoid food anime as much as I can. They always make me hungry to the extreme.
Sounds like what I would expect Magick, Top Gear touched on it when they did an episode where they bought an BMW 850 and Mercedes CL600 for sub $20,000 and then discovered that they were bargains until they needed to be fixed Speaking of favorite concept cars, I really liked the Ford Fourty Nine concept that I think turned into the T-Bird.
Mostly good news except for the volume control. Really would have at the least liked capacitive volume buttons on the VI itself as I: hardly ever use remotes with my audio system, I don't own any apple products and thus no apple remote (pretty sure LHL isn't going to be generous and give me one with the Vi), and remotes have downsides like batteries that die or getting lost etc.
 That's my AAMML comrade!
 Maybe it's because you're German.
I J S, cow girls are way underrated.
Oh no havent seen the new EL 8 yet. Kennerton Odin looks smexy. Whoa WHOA there TYG, let's not get ahead of ourselves. 1. cat girls 2. fox girls 3. cow girls 5. dog girls 6. bunny girls 7. bear girls 8. sheep/ram girls 9. Jelly Fish girls 10. mermaids (fish girls) 11. monkey girls 12. Squid girls and other cephalopods Are wolf girls like fox girls, do they get their own from domestic dogs? I think they should, wolf girls OP. What about demon girls (must have tail, not...
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