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She's the worst, but not as bad as nico so it's still a net positive.
 I don't know about you, but nothing pisses me off more than paying a fair price for something and getting extra free stuff on top of that. How dare they?!
 Yes noise is an issue for sure. You could always DIY a "small" 2P case.
 2P systems = huge cases and big boards. Just get a full sever rack boris :)
 I dunno that show is alright but it's comedy isn't really killing it for me unfortunately. None of the girls have made me want to wiafu them either :(
 I don't want to guess at what you consider character detail, and what would make it great. Also you say non slice of life but mention Ping Pong which is at least 30% slice of life. It's not in any way a fantasy or pure sports anime. That being said I'll go with.... Shiki?  Many anime will give you glimpses of those atmospheric moments; from a few recent Non Non Biyori scenes or Space Dandy episodes, to Aria or the Jupiter Jazz episodes of Bebop. It's pretty rare to have...
That was a pretty great show.
 If I draw it on post it notes it shouldn't take long and it'll look about as good as the digipaint era anime that texhnolyze was created in.
 Ninja Slayer changed my life. I understand you homie.
 All you gotta do is ask. I've watched over 17,000 episodes of anime so I'm full of suggestions if you ask for a specific genre or type of show.  No one watches that show.  Texhnolyze was good at being terrible. I can make an anime about a guy breathing heavily for 10+ episodes, I don't think it would be difficult.
New Posts  All Forums: