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o_O I'm alive. I moved at the end of July and promptly tore the new home apart and have been living out of boxes. Hoping to have the renovations done in teh next month or so. I miss my AAMML pals!
Yay I got my survey and it went smoothly (I think).   *edit* It didn't give me a page or chance to add anything to my order, but I wasn't planning on it anyway.
 Glad you liked that one TYG, it does have a slow start, I fell asleep watching the first episode twice... but it is one of my favorite series.I stopped by because I read this on Amazon Japan and thought of you "Tomihiko Morimi's novel “Uchoten-Kazoku” is getting its long-awaited anime adaptation! Koji Kumeta of “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei” and “Joshiraku” proposes character designs for another's work for the first time. The animation production is being handled by P.A....
I snuck out of my prison to say hi :3
 Dat DICE programming skill........
That graph follows seagate everywhere lol. Weren't the sample sizes really awkward in that? I can't open the link here, but Panda talked about it in the AAMML thread.
I'd love to see what causes these failures. I've had over 10, internal, 7200 RPM Seagate drives spanning ~16 years now and none have ever failed. I have had WD (still works) and a Maxtor drive as well and the Maxtor failed after ~8 years, it was a whopping 40GBs! My best guesses as to why are: 1) I'm lucky 2) I set my drives to never spin down 3) I have at least paid a little attention to keeping the drives cool with good cable routing (IDE cables blocked tons of...
Flights to seattle are a little spendy. :-P Plus, I'm not so hungry anymore, it was someone's 10th anniversary working here today so they bought us all ice cream :3
 I am an honorable otaku, I would never do something like that. Plus I like to write them when the show is fresh in my Germans, I swear.@Bucket; Yes, it's quite rare to find a (real) anime fan that didn't like Spice and Wolf....golden chance to show off my correction genga of Holo :3
 I'm super hungry right now..... that post was pure torture Miceblue :-|
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