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 Highlight of your NAMM I'm sure. Plus you even met my pa.  Sucks you got con crudd. The secret is to not be there all 4 days.......
  Hey your loss man, that just means there'll be more delicious Jerky for me.   
 I'm not sure you've had Zombie Jerkey yet. Its good stuff I tell you!
 Yes. that's ReptAr.  Why would I be searching for food when there will be thousands of tastey zombies to snack on?
 I have a CZ75B Stainless (Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod) 9MM. I understand the need for composites in pistols but I'm not carrying and I like nice things so I prefer them to be heavy and mostly metal like a good ole 1911. I'm a Lefty and the ambidextrous safety is a good thing to have as well. Apparently these are popular in the competitive speed shooting world.  ReptAr has a Sig I think? I forgot already.   @Tom Yum Goong : When the zombie apocalypse happens, we'll see...
Hello my friends. Slow day at work and it's Friday.             I see we're talking guns. ReptAr and I have pistolas, but No Fun TYG doesn't like them :-(
Interesting impressions. I can't stand the hd650's sound and I've heard dozens of them in all sorts of modded states. Different strokes I guess, there are an awful lot of people praising the hd650 the past 6 months or so, and they haven't changed how they sound..... kinda weird.
So who's left? When will the reveal happen?!
You can still poi tho
 Hina-chan is one of the anime characters that has the power to melt my icy dead otaku heart.
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