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I just bit on the $20 UE6000 from Compuguys on Ebay. Most all my other cans are open so it should be a good alternative when I need some isolation, and to use when I go portable. According to Tyll's review on InnerFidelity it's a decent can. And it's going for $80-$90 new on Amazon.
Amperex ECC189 works with the Lyr? I've not dealt with Vivatubes, but just looked at their site and they seem to have fairly reasonable prices!
As long as we're on the topic of comfort for the LCD2, is there any remedy for the excess pressure of the pad in front of the ear?   Thanks.   Sorry if this has been indicated before, I couldn't find anything with a cursory search:(
I appreciated the pic... I've already got it in my Amazon cart! The top of my head thanks you! Too bad Audeze has not addressed this issue:(   Thanks... So then I do have the fazor as well. My Certificate of Authentication was dated 1.21.14, and serial # is 54238XX
1. LCD-2.2f 2. HD650 3. HE500 4. Westone 4R 5. UE TF10 6. GR07 BE 7. SportaPro 8. KSC75
Or this ...
   The following is a review from Amazon, and the LCD2.2 headband is wider than HifiMan :(  Here is another option, although it's not exactly designed for headphones.  And looks like this:
   Hmmm... I believe you're right. With the cans on and then twisting the ear pieces so as to simulate flat, non angled pads it levels off the headband. Looks like I'll be looking for a headband pad of some sorts. Thanks!
 Thanks for the link, saved me a lot of time looking for the page. I feel somewhat better about having the fazor model, (if that is truly what I have).   That leaves the headband issue to rectify. "It seems the headband is not level front to back, in other words, it does not sit level on top of my head and the rear edge of the headband is the only part making contact with the top of my head and is giving me headaches. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you...
 Thanks,Maybe the fazor is a improvement. I seem to have a little basshead in me and I was hoping to not lose out on some bass slam:)
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