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I've been watching the Intona very closely on CA, it sounds like a solid product and will be my next purchase.
Agreed. And also the UpTone REGEN as well.
 Ok... Thanks.
This Mystery deal was posted on 6/1 and I didn't see it posted here. Anybody know what it is?   New Mystery Bag 1   http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_100841_Mystery-Bag-Bonus-Buy.html   General Features: Clues: Single balanced armature driver in each ear Color: red Regularly $199
For sale a like new pair of Shure SRH1540 with original box, papers, hard carry case, 1/4” adaptor, two cables, two pair of Alcantara pads with one pair never used.   These are in excellent condition and have seen very little use. I looked them over and cannot see any scuffs or scratches. To me these are balanced and smooth sounding, with maybe a very slight bass boost, but is not a basshead can. For a closed can they are very open and detailed. They are light and...
For sale a like new pair of AKG K712 Pro with original box, papers, velour carry bag, ¼” adapter,  and both cables, long straight orange and short coiled cable.   These are in excellent condition and have seen very little use. I looked them over and cannot see any scuffs or scratches. I purchased them new from Amazon a year or so ago. They were made in Austria and have a very open sound with a large sound stage. Bass response has been improved from the K701 series. They...
 It was listed as new with a great discount from a third party that fell through. I complained to Amazon and they offered to match that price for a new one from their stock.
 Great info provided by others, good catch.For what it's worth, I made a purchase through Amazon which turned out to be a scam and through talking with Amazon they provided the item at the scammers asking price to Amazon's loss. They do have excellent customer service.
There are two Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen used-like new, on Amazon 3rd party sellers for $550 and $604. However, they are both Just Launched new sellers. But with Amazon you should be safe.     http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B015ACX03G/
  Katie was the Boogie Woogie Queen who had incredible piano chops, and belted out a raw, true and strong voice who told it like it was, RIP.
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