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Into appreciating the women in Blues today...  
This girl can play the blues!    
Have been checking out some Trance Blues lately. Way different and cool, and liking it a lot.              
And I might add, WindowsX has been very responsive and helpful in very frustrating issue I had with a conflict with my Kaspersky. Fidelizer Pro and Kaspersky had played well together for a long time then all of a sudden, for whatever reason, Kaspersky decided Fidelizer Pro was a Trojan and needed to be deleted. I tried to add it to the exclusions but couldn't get it to work. By emailing back and forth with a series of attempts to rectify the problem WindowsX provided a fix...
 Great review by Weaver, and I agree with him 100%
  Not a big fan of Tinsley's vocals, but love his licks and this is all instrumental including some Slow Blues. Still a BIG fan of the Slow Blues in general.
Which SVS sub are you using with your LS50's, and do you feel it integrates well with them? I may have to dig our my LS50 plugs and give em a try again. I have a couple of subs under my desktop but would like to upgrade them at some point.
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