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  *face palm* Where have I been? Have listened to Jimmy for a long time and just discovered he is Jimmy Rogers son! 
You're in the wrong classified section. You'd have better luck in amp or source classified.
PM sent
If you know anything about the Gizmo app that works with Jriver, do you know if this app would be of benefit?
Great choice! Happy listening!
If anyone is interested, Massdrop has the Yuin Pk3 for $24 + $2.75 shipping for two more days. Think it's worth getting?   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/yuin-pk3 
  Texas Blues artist Tutu Jones grew up with friends like Freddie King and worked with Z.Z. Hill and R.L. Burnside before he went solo. Love his slow Blues!
    James Edward 'Snooky' Pryor, one of the first post-war Chicago Blues players. 
Another scam from Amazon. New TH-900 for $660. Newly launched seller, says contact before you buy. https://www.amazon.com/Fostex-USA-Headphones-Japanese-Magnetic/dp/B007G8UMP2/ Price and shipping:$660.00 Used - Like New + $8.15 shipping Condition and notes: Used - Like New *IMPORTANT** Brand NEW*FREE Shipping**Sealed! Box was never open! Seller information:~Casler~ BRAND NEW!Sealed!Free Shipping! Please Contact me before buy → doris04[at]tirusa.Net!! Just...
 And another:https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00TGAFT7Y/ The ones I have seen say to contact them directly like this one to bypass the Amazon system.    $1,317.00+ $17.37 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxUsed - Like New*IMPORTANT** Brand NEW*FREE Shipping**Sealed! Box was never open! Arrives between October 19-24. Ships from MA, United States. Shipping rates and return policy. ~Lupien~ BRAND NEW!Sealed!Free Shipping! Please Contact me before buy →...
New Posts  All Forums: