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Im using SE for HD6XX. Guess i need to get a balanced cable
Ohh.. how stupid of me. I just copied to sd card without unzipping.Anyway i tried using HD6XX with high gain and turned volume up to 140. It that normal? Felt a bit underpower.Thank you very much
Got my dx200 today but was trying to update and it fail. Downloaded from anything i did wrong? Followed the steps from user manual. Thanks in advance.
I have a question. If i am going to use the #11 as dac and connect it to my desktop amp for more power hungry headphones, is there a lineout option or this can only be use together with smartphone and iem?
So how do you find them both.
Not sure what happen here but my N5 got this error message while skipping song connected to mojo via coaxial. Forced restart and everything is back to normal
Noob question. How do i revert to firmware 1.04?
I have placed my order on the 3rd of August and had only received my cable today. I had to send a chaser email and shortly after, received a email about cable being shipped. Not sure what happend but throughout there was not conversation.
Thank you so much for you input. Maybe I'll hold for now as im use mainly iem.
How is the HA-2i. Interested to hear your opinion. Thanks
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