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I remember CEE TEE said u can choose any design u like.. doesn't have to be the Capitol Studios logo. Just that he recommends the metal UE logo as it looks sharper compared to the powder printed Capitol Studio logo 
 yup i also went through CEE TEE.. very knowledgeable and helpful guy.. he definitely can answer all ur questions  
Got my UERM for sometime ago and is enjoy them. However, have any of fellow UERM owner tried going balanced with them? Any noticeable difference. Am thinking of going balanced with hifiman Hm-901 Thanks
Thanks for the quick reply.
Noob question here. If the dx90 is connected as usb dac, does it output from HO or LO? Thanks
I'm currently using Tralucent T1 as that's the only amp i have. Sounds wonderful
Just received my UERM and I can say I love it. Although my country do not have an official distributor, so no demo available. Took the leap of faith and boy it was good. Many thanks to @CEETEE for guiding me in selection and amp pairing to bring UERM to its potential.
Don't think that is possible. Sony wm-port is an analog line out, not digital. As such the player only can pair with an amp. Not sure if there is digital out on the sony F series player.
Just to check. The online offer is only valid in the U.S? Or is it for the AK120 winner to be. So online purchases outside of U.S not eligible for the 20%?
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