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Had to install 2.7 in order to get computer recognition through the USB port.  Now computer recognizes X5.  Never used OTG anyway.  Sounds great paried with Cayin C5.
Yes, setting is on USB
Neesd help, using 2.5 FW and still have to remove sd to edit my music.  USB on computer does not recognize as drives.  The only unit I have where this happens.  Help!  Thank you.
Using FW 2.5 and still when I connect to USB in computer, nothing is recognized.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am tired of removing sd cards to make music changes. Thanks.
Please if you find new unit, drop me a line BH2. Thank you.
I have a number of DAPs.  Some with bells and whistles, but for whatever reason I keep going back to my C3 combo.  Since they do not make BH anymore I have gone to NX1.  Very clean, but with less feature than BH.  I know, C3 UI is a pain but I got used to it.  Enjoy!
I still use the FW 1.2.8 that came with my DX50.  Rather than experiment, I decided to stay with what works........That would be for my ears.  Enjoy!
IMHO the combination of X5 and C5 Cayin is far superior with a more open soundstage and defined instrumentation. 
I don't have the N6. However, I have paired my X5 with the C5 and enjoy the combination very much.  I too would like to hear the comparison between that pairing and the N6.
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