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I still use the FW 1.2.8 that came with my DX50.  Rather than experiment, I decided to stay with what works........That would be for my ears.  Enjoy!
IMHO the combination of X5 and C5 Cayin is far superior with a more open soundstage and defined instrumentation. 
I don't have the N6. However, I have paired my X5 with the C5 and enjoy the combination very much.  I too would like to hear the comparison between that pairing and the N6.
I was trying some different combinations and paired the X5 Fiio with the C5 Cayin and fell in love.  I do not use iem's most of the time as I prefer on or over ear cans.  I really enjoy this Amp much more than the E12.
Like the man said for $64.99 and paid shipping from New Egg, Bargain time!!
No, That is not the case.  The C5 Cayin has run long and true.  The DX50 has needed charging before the C5. I have no prblems and enjoy the combo.
Cayin C5 with DX50 is a wonderful combo.....
I paired the NX1 with Fiio X1 and love the combo.  Its a great combination in the mode of C3 BH2 only much less expensive.  Enjoy!!
For $39 the best buy of the year at New Egg!   Wow!! just purchased 2 more,
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