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Like the knowledgeable people say, "Audition, Audition, Audition............We are all different in taste....Music.  We all have different hearing abilities.......Enjoy, but Audition!!
I can't agree with you more about different ears.  Then add the source, the player, the master....Wow, what a mess or not.I just found another bargain you may want to check out.
Try to remember that opinions are just that, and the best way as I think you see, is to try and audition the equipment yourself.  There is no substitute for your opinion after hearing what works, or not.  Enjoy!!
Why not put a backpack loaded with an auto battery, necessary transformers, and let us not forget safety equipment.  To this combo add that 2gb drive.........Seriously, how tough is it ti change out a micro sd.Have a nice day!
We all have our favorite everything, or not.  However, crap in, crap out, no matter what your personal preference in DAP's, and or headphones.........ENJOY WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY.
Well Stated!  Roll Tide!
Please stop!  Thank you very much.  I sincerely hope you will continue with this wonderful and most enjoyable audio experience.  However, read as much as you can about the subject, and then go and audition what you can to arrive at your own conclusion.  This is a most subjective medium ...........Learn, and enjoy!
sound like a happy man........enjoy! You don't need a rubber stamp from anyone.
Using a Vmoda cable and it fits perfectly.
I purchased these for $59 and what a bargain!  Buy them on sale and send them back if not satisfied.  Beware of funky headphones in big box store testing.
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