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Like the man said for $64.99 and paid shipping from New Egg, Bargain time!!
No, That is not the case.  The C5 Cayin has run long and true.  The DX50 has needed charging before the C5. I have no prblems and enjoy the combo.
Cayin C5 with DX50 is a wonderful combo.....
I paired the NX1 with Fiio X1 and love the combo.  Its a great combination in the mode of C3 BH2 only much less expensive.  Enjoy!!
For $39 the best buy of the year at New Egg!   Wow!! just purchased 2 more,
Just paired the X1 with NX1 and a wonderful combo for a cheap price.
Just paired the C5 with DX50 .........Outstanding!
I don't buy from Amazon anymore.  Not since they started charging tax even though my state has no laws for such a tax.  Purchased mine from Micca and had it cross country in under four days from ship.  Good Luck!
If they take AMEX and you use it.......Pick  up the phone and Call AMEX.  If they don't deliver you can dispute it and get a refund.  Yes, Caveat Emptor .  You must and I emphisize MUST read all terms and conditions.....You also have tyo check out anyone who claims to have the product and has not been vetted by members of this site.  Best of luck!!
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