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This Headphone was a bargain at $99.  Just a bit of fun for a very good price!
Like the man says its all about the S with the 2 lines through it. $$$ for $100 its a enjoy!
I would like to know the release date in the US for the X1 please.  Thank you very much.
You are Correct!  Beats with quality..........However, the demographic that is Beats will never change or move because they have no understanding of quality audio.
Just paired the E11K with Ibasso DX50......Wonderful combination.  Well Done Fiio!
I would appreciate any info on the comparison between the BH2 and Fiio new E11K....Thank you very much.
Like the knowledgeable people say, "Audition, Audition, Audition............We are all different in taste....Music.  We all have different hearing abilities.......Enjoy, but Audition!!
I can't agree with you more about different ears.  Then add the source, the player, the master....Wow, what a mess or not.I just found another bargain you may want to check out.
Try to remember that opinions are just that, and the best way as I think you see, is to try and audition the equipment yourself.  There is no substitute for your opinion after hearing what works, or not.  Enjoy!!
Why not put a backpack loaded with an auto battery, necessary transformers, and let us not forget safety equipment.  To this combo add that 2gb drive.........Seriously, how tough is it ti change out a micro sd.Have a nice day!
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