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Zimmerman soundtrack apps?Also didnt know the E5 got surround sound for PC...hmm
This right here.....and thats mainly because I own an HD598 and K7XX. Love them both along with my X2 which is my all arounder most of the time.
I have a CAL! And although I dont use it as much but I love it. I wish the build quality was better but for 38 bucks that I paid for, its dam worth it. I will probably buy another pair eventually to have it as a back up lol.
Man, I so want an HD800 now lol Need to start selling some of my headphones I havent used since last year. If I can get around 500 to 600 dollars from the headphones I sell, I wouldnt mind spending the difference for an HD800 or HD800S. But Then I see the TH900 and HE 560 etc etc and im like....What do I do!? Lol
Well you have your set up right in front of you! LolYou ha e a Recon3D and you can use it with any headphone and not just the Omega headset.The Recon3D doesnt have a powerful internal amp and has a decent DAC. Headphones that are around 50ohm will work well with the Recon3D.Such headphones that work well would be AD700, Fidelio X2, HD598,CAL.You dont need an extra amp for those headphones since the Recon3D has enough juice to drive them.Your Recon3D can do VSS for consoles...
Yeah i live in CA and all my Targets show them for 140 bucks I think...so definitely Super YMMV lolI will still go and check my closest targets and luckily find a pair.Tha ks for the heads up
Im guessing you dont have a budget?If thats the case then ad700 would be a good choic for fps gaming, if you do competitive gaming. K701/702 would be the next choice but will require an amp. DT990 could be a good choice for an all arounder headphone, both for gaming and music but also requires an amp. HD600 is also a good headphone for music and gaming and also requires an amp to power them adequately.But I still think you lack more information and probably dont know what...
Typo its brickseekBut usualy when they run a clearance on items, they are only pushing whats left in their old stock so they can get new stock in. Thats why its YMMV because different targets will have different prices or maybe no price change at all. I work retail and this is a common practice.Also, what color are they?
How so? LolStill cant beat the price/performance ratio, regardless if the CAL2 was to be better.
Well he needs something now and already purchased the G5 since he will be using it for PC as well. But he can still cancel....Need to pressure him lol
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