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So I found something very interesting right now at OCN   Take a read at this   Steam Audio   This is primarily for PC but just shows that they are really and I mean....REALLY taking audio more seriously more than ever before.   I guess you could say because of VR this is what is pushing it but who cares, at least we are getting great/better audio baked into our future games.   Which makes me think.....wouldn't devices like Creatives, Asus, and others lose...   So uh...   What do you guys think of these? Interesting how Monoprice is releasing product after product of stuff that is within the latest trend lol.
Very good deal but sadly you have to be on a contract (I am on a prepaid plan). But if you are on a contract plan and want to upgrade, it's a good opportunity to do so. Amazon discount is good too but I couldn't use it on BF1 Premium Pass :( I ended up buying a K&N Air Filter for my car instead lol.
I have been checking out more 3D Binaural Audio and found one that is kind of creepy lol.     I hope  game developers really start going back into implementing 3D audio.    I mean we are already seeing it in some games especially for VR but we want more! 
I would get them but my car needs parts :(. I heard of them before but never really read in detail about them, until now. Very interesting headphones..... Better than MA900 in terms of soundstage?
That is true though but there is one thing ATX and larger cases have an advantage....better cooling and less throttling down of CPU and GPU which ITX sufferes in that aspect because of the cases airflow limitations.
Yeah, I'm thinking of going small build the next time around. I have a full tower 760T which is nice and plenty of room to work with but it takes up a lot of room. I was planning on going SLI as well but I'm always upgrading so staying single GPU is best for me.I'm tempted to do a small build with the upcoming Ryzen CPUs and get an X7 for my audio set up. Hmmm.... Upgrade itch is really itchy...
oh ok. Yeah I am not really into the whole mITX and would rather do mATX because more flexibility. Like other's suggested, Creative Labs Omni, Asus U3 or Sennheiser's GSX 1000 would be your more likely choice.
 oh I didn't read that, fair enough lol. Do most ITX boards come with only 1 PCI-Express slot? I also doubt they have 2  X16 PCI-Express slots because if it did, then you could use one of them for the sound card.
Or why not just get an Asus Xonar DG or DGX and buy a Schiit Modi 2 Uber and an amp of his choice? (I use a Cayin C5 portable amp) that would be a great external "soundcard"
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