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Lol yeah I realized you said he just randomly mentioned the DT1770.I read a comment on Beyers Facebook pgae that they did tune something different about the sound signature. Reason he said that was because someone asked for some graphs but they replied by said comment.Im wondering if if that peak on the DT990s got fixed?
Umm Im the one that mentioned the DT1990 and Evs mentioned the DT1770...lol
Lol thanks. I dont know why I got confused with the TRS and TRRS, something so simple haha.But I got some nees from Beyerdynamics facebook page. New flagship headphone. I think it may be the DT1990 which will replace the DT990. I also believe there is a thread for this here on headfi.Lets hope they fix the cons of the DT990. Maybe it will blend between DT880 and DT990?No wonder all those sales for the DT770, DT880 and DT990 were so popular the last few months lol
3.5mm TRS or TRRS?
Cool. Thank you
Ok. I see they are $20....but I'm confused with the plug in female and plug out male?
Yeah I recall Zombie making them but then stopped for obvious reasons (I think his prototypes were gone missing and/or some didn't pay upfront?). PETEREK? Can not recall his name but a linky would be helpful, TIA
For some reason I can't edit my post and getting a server error message....anyone getting that as well?   Well before I forget, does anyone know where I can get the adapter to use my Vmoda boom pro mic with my AKG K7XX? I want to start using them more.   For some reason, as much as I like my bass, the bass in my Fidelio X2 isn't as yummy as I initially though it was. I started using my K7XX again and I like the clarity more on them while the bass is less than the X2,...
lol I was kidding about the console peasants. Im a console peasant myself as well. Got the PS4 right here lol wait, does that make me a hybrid? PC/Console peasant? PConsole? PCP.....wait thats a drug lol
Yeah my reply to the headsets was just sarcasm lol but I do agree that "gaming" headsets have been improving as of late but that's also mainly because some of them are rebrands of a headphone and then just attaching a mic to it. Nothing wrong with that but it should be noted. However, some of those in house made headsets do seem to be improving like the Logitech G933 although it does have its flaws and its too flashy for my taste (Im 30 years old, I need to keep it classy...
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