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It's a long story but you'll just have to take my word on this, or don't.And another thing.... Do you know why Chris Maitland was kicked out of the band? He slammed SW against a wall, perhaps because SW is just a dick.I could probably dig up the emails (stored on an old hard drive) that I exchanged with SW eleven years ago before In Absentia was released, but it would be pointless. Perhaps he's grown up and isn't a dick anymore, but if you heard the story I have a...
  He's a music genius, yes.  But he's also a dick in person.
  Yeah, it is definitely up there and the SQ is the best to date, even at 320kbps.
This thread is devoted to the forthcoming album by Steven Wilson on February 25th. On Facebook SW posted that the album is strictly audiophile quality as it contains no limiting or dynamic compression. I ordered the deluxe set which was a costly $92 including shipping and am anxiously awaiting it. However I can confirm that the audio quality and album content are superb (perhaps the best audio quality he's had to date) as I've already heard it. Alan Parsons did a...
LMAO.  Great one above.
Yeah I'm not saying there are no other benefits to be gained. I haven't heard it. I believe Currawong upgraded his unit to the M7 by replacing some parts, not actually getting a whole new DAC. The biggest upgrade to my ears was when Kingwa released the V5 DSP-1. It was many times better than any previous version. I guess you'd have to hear my system for yourself to judge though. I've had more than a few tell me it was the best system they had ever heard (and I'd hope...
Mr. Bungle..... California.... Love it.... If you're in the mood for trippy, circus, surf music. I'd vote for the Sennheiser HD598, or if you have a powerful enough amp to drive them the Beyer DT880/600 (and only the 600 ohm model. The DT880/250 doesn't sound as good.). But you need ample power to drive them properly and I'm not sure the E9 is up to the task. The HD598 are a safe bet though and sound very good for the price.
You're getting that $20,000 DAC? Damn! Nice! And the power base to go with it I hope?MSB designs their own R2R DACs and are probably the most skilled digital designers in the industry. The detail on some of those things is insanely sharp and razor like. The only thing I think could use some work is the analog output stage but I haven't heard this newest top model yet. Paired with an amp with a little warmth and soul they sound incredible though. Some people find them...
I've only heard it with a few phones and it did quite well but from what I've read on here, yes. I personally have no need for one though because I don't travel so my system is exclusively a home one (gear listed in profile).
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