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phntmsmshr   You might also like a band called Slusnik Luna.  Download their album called "Aamukaste 5 A.M."
  Glad you love it, and you should let him know on his Facebook page.  He really appreciates the compliments.  Also, download his older stuff, some of which is even better than the new album.  "Like Dust Of The Balance", "Midsummer Nice Dream", and "Lemodie" are excellent albums.  For awhile he had a "name your own price" on them, and that might still be the case, I'm not sure.  They were remastered in 24 bit.  And I think I was mistaken earlier, they are not in 24/48,...
Obviously you've never heard his music because what you just said is completely irrelevant to the type of music he creates.  Not to mention he has a PhD in music and has about 7 albums.
http://ochre.bandcamp.com/album/national-ignition       Fantastic new album from Christopher Leary.  If you've never heard any of his other material, I suggest you do.  He literally creates all his music on his computer.  He has a keyboard controller but rarely uses it.  It takes quite the mind to pull off the kind of interesting music he can without using much more than a mouse and software.   The FLAC download is in 24/48 by the way.   He also has...
I like the album. It's quite good. Is it Raven good? No. Still quite good though. I own all of them except for ADHD (the last one) because I thought it sucked. Do you also have their mini three track album from 2011? It's quite good, too. And as far as these reviewers saying we have to listen in 5.1 to fully appreciate it, screw 'em. Good headphones don't come in 5.1. And a well mastered 2 channel album sounds better than a cheesy surround mix. Some of the PT...
Where did you hear it? I only heard the album trailer which had half of two songs. I didn't see a leak for it (other than fake ones) but I did preorder it. Send me a PM if you know.
  Ditto.   Thank You. 
Riverside is a great band though.
  Yeah, I know, and he also played on the Blackfield album (quite surprisingly), as well as with Kino, and Guilt Machine with Arjen Anthony Lucassen.   I don't really care much for Nosound though, nor Pineapple Thief (also conveniently with the same initials as Porcupine Tree).  They sound like low-grade PT wannabes (imo).   BTW:  I'm also going to switch to the Raven album cover art for the time being, since I haven't changed my avatar in ages.
Chris Maitland fit in better with the original PT sound and is still an excellent drummer. Gavin is much more technically capable of course but sometimes I miss the style of Chris. It makes no difference now, since he's now using an entirely different drummer who's damn good, too.
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