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Completely agree with Currawong. That was one of the first things I posted about Audio-gd DACs ages ago. To sound their best they need to fully warm up for at least 45 to 90 minutes. Kingwa also does not recommend you leave the Ref 7.1 (and presumably the Master 7 for the same reasons) powered on for more than 8 hours a day. How many of us have that much free time to spend listening though? I surely don't. I'm not really convinced enough to upgrade my 7.1 to the new...
The 600 are more neutral sounding and in fact preferable to many over the 650. The downside is they are quite ugly whereas the 650 looks nice. I like both but with serious amplification (balanced) and a high end DAC you can get more out of the 650.
Yep, likely sometime in March. A little birdy told me the SQ is between the LCD2 and LCD3.
Alexnova, The HD650 are anything but cold. They are a very warm headphone and will shine with proper amplification. I've always found Grados to have a thin sound to them, regardless of their lowest or highest end model, but again your ears may vary. The 650 is a very different phone than the 595. The 595 has some nice traits but it can't really compare to the quality of the 650.
The upgrade from the 600 would be the 800. They share similar tonal traits whereas the 650 shares tonal traits with phones like the LCD2.
I personally prefer the HD650 to any Grado I've heard, as I'm just not a fan of the Grado sound. If you are used to the Sennheiser sound chances are you'll have a hard time warming up to them, but I hope for your sake I'm wrong, unless you can return the Grado if you don't like them.
Welcome to Head-Fi and congrats on your new purchase. The 650s are quite a bit better overall than the 595s so I think you'll be happy. Just make sure you have at least some minimal amplification to drive them.
I used to say the exact same thing. Now I have a pair of LCD-3, which are more comfortable than the 2. The weight used to bother me too, until I started wearing the HD800 with the 650 on top of it. Compared to that, the LCD3 are fine!
Hey I like his amp or I wouldn't even say anything. Obviously there are others who would like the other color options, that's all.
Hmm.... And what colors are the iMacs now?
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