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They've also released the video for the last track on the album (Raven), but I don't care for the animation once again.  The music is fantastic though.
  Ok, well it was inferred.  I choose solid state because I want accurate reproduction of the recording.
  That's what I said.  Did you miss the rest of my post?   "There are a lot of tube headphone amps that sound superb, too, but I still would take solid state over them any day."
  I know.  Your signature gave that away. :)   Tubes do sound great though on guitar amps and produce a lush sound for recording purposes. There are a lot of tube headphone amps that sound superb, too, but I still would take solid state over them any day.
  What is so special about tubes that you can't achieve with solid state?  Sure, they sound pleasing but you can emulate that sound with solid state gear.
  Great article.  I always thought the iPhone 5 had the best sound quality out of all of them.  (iOS 6 and iPhone 5 functionality and real world use sucks, OTOH, with over 100 bugs I've found that making using it a horrendous experience.)  The Lightning-to-30-pin adapters with the DACs built-in sound even better than the DAC in the iPhone 5 actually.   I was pretty impressed listening to the LCD3 out of the headphone output from my iPhone 5, but it sounds nowhere near as...
Peter and I talk roughly every day about both of our cable brands and other things. He seems to have disappeared out of the blue as of more than a month ago (or round about) when lots of people were getting sick. I truly hope he's okay but I have not heard from him since which is extremely uncommon nor has he posted responses to others looking for him on Facebook. This is completely uncommon of him so I fear something might be seriously wrong. I don't think he has...
  I love REM Sleep Research as well.  Great track.  So is Lifewish.  So is Sticklebrick Symphony.     Yep, all synth.  Only one track on his new album, the 2nd track, which I think is the best one, actually has real guitar in it, too.
  I wouldn't really call Slusnik Luna trance.  It's certainly not IDM/electronica like Ochre, but not trance.  It's more orchestral/experimental electronica.   Which is your favorite Ochre album?
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