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Mr. Bungle..... California.... Love it.... If you're in the mood for trippy, circus, surf music. I'd vote for the Sennheiser HD598, or if you have a powerful enough amp to drive them the Beyer DT880/600 (and only the 600 ohm model. The DT880/250 doesn't sound as good.). But you need ample power to drive them properly and I'm not sure the E9 is up to the task. The HD598 are a safe bet though and sound very good for the price.
You're getting that $20,000 DAC? Damn! Nice! And the power base to go with it I hope?MSB designs their own R2R DACs and are probably the most skilled digital designers in the industry. The detail on some of those things is insanely sharp and razor like. The only thing I think could use some work is the analog output stage but I haven't heard this newest top model yet. Paired with an amp with a little warmth and soul they sound incredible though. Some people find them...
I've only heard it with a few phones and it did quite well but from what I've read on here, yes. I personally have no need for one though because I don't travel so my system is exclusively a home one (gear listed in profile).
Balanced Beta22
Necessary. Lol. None of this is "necessary" but as audiophiles we strive for the best. Someone looking to do that on a budget will certainly find great gains with any phone on an amp like the O2 over the FiiO. FiiO makes some great budget LODs though!
That's a little misleading. They may not require an amp but all headphones scale up with a quality amp. An O2 would be good for any of the aforementioned headphones.
Tubes typically add a bit of warmth to the tone. It would make more sense for a tube amp with the 600 than the 650. Solid state is better for the 650 in my opinion.
It depends what you want. If you want a more neutral, accurate tone than go with the 600. If you want a warmer more laid back sound with more bass presence go with the 650. The 600s will certainly sound closer to what you are used to and if you are looking for a nice departure from that but with many of the same characteristics then try the 650.
Completely agree with Currawong. That was one of the first things I posted about Audio-gd DACs ages ago. To sound their best they need to fully warm up for at least 45 to 90 minutes. Kingwa also does not recommend you leave the Ref 7.1 (and presumably the Master 7 for the same reasons) powered on for more than 8 hours a day. How many of us have that much free time to spend listening though? I surely don't. I'm not really convinced enough to upgrade my 7.1 to the new...
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