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Has anyone modded these yet for balanced use, and if so, impressions please? Please list components used and compare and contrast to HD800 and LCD3. Thanks!
Very classy combo and a balanced headphone amp at that!  Would love to hear them (or at least the phones) on my system.
I offered steep discounts at the last meet when I had tables but most vendors say they don't sell or won't sell at meets, and that seemed to hold true at least for that one, for me. The Warner Center Marriott is a fantastic venue for meets, and I think the only other one we had there was when I hosted one back in 2009 or 2010. There was a porno convention downstairs though, lol. Some people said they saw Ron Jeremy walking in the hallways. They didn't disturb us...
  Thanks, and very nice amp you have!       No trouble.  Just a matter of time, and there never being enough of it.  I have to check to see if I have another dual 3 pin to single 4 pin in my possession.  I only make product to order, but I believe I had sold my demo model quite some time ago.  Whatever I do have though that will work for you I will bring.  :)  And if I don't have one I will try to make one before the meet.  (I must clear out my order queue first.)
Ok Warren, I'll keep some stuff at your table then. Thank you! Hiyono, I would certainly have that one with me but do make sure you have a dual 3-pin XLR balanced amp please. I'll likely have single ended just for the HD800.
For some reason I thought the meet was June 20. If it's July 20 I might be able to attend, work permitting, though I definitely won't be bringing my system like the last meet nor attending as a vendor with tables. I would, however, probably bring my LCD-3 (and possibly HD800) and a few Bellatone cables for people to try out if they want.
  He says none of his gear should be left on for more than 8 hours at a time.
  But they never did change them.  There will always be variances between driver pairs.  I bet you could listen to a pair made a year from now and find it to sound quite different from the one you own.
The HD800 is still the most responsive to different cables but the LCD3 is a very close second in that regard  The lesser sensitive phones aren't quite as dramatic.  My own geometry is inherently a balanced design and optimized for such, as I've always preferred balanced to single ended.  Some phones benefit more than others when driving them balanced with the HD800 at the top of the list and the LCD3 not far behind.  The LCD3 has become my preferred headphone for...
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