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Such as? I don't know what kind of system you are using so I can only speak to my own, and I've had almost half a dozen speakerphiles come listen and they more or less agree with exactly what I've said, and the amounts of cash they have tied up in their systems range anywhere from approx. $50K-$600K.Some people prefer more musical sounding tube amps but my system is full solid state and is as transparent as it gets.
I'm just saying, people here get real jumpy. I wrote a positive review because I absolutely love my LCD-4 and immediately I was accused by the first person who read it of working for the company.That's just how people are here. I was just giving you friendly advice. 🙂
Without a doubt.
Just a word of advice, that's not something one should go around advertising as you will have people irrationally jumping all over you claiming you are a shill.But I can promise you, you are one among hundreds or maybe thousands that receive discounts on this site for either headphones or components. And since you opened up the can of worms I personally know people that have paid a lot less than you, not that I would ever name them as that's their business.
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Exactly my sentiments. Yes, we have a choice. I chose to build a 6 figure system over the course of 8 years because it was a goal I set, and I'm not someone who has multiple sources or multiple amps. Some people here have 100 pairs of headphones which I personally think is stupid but it's their choice. I have 4 headphones. All previous ones were sold in the past. I kept my HD800 from 2009 (which now has flaking pads), I got an LCD-3 in 2012, I traded a first...
But the LCD4 are at least much more comfortable than the Abyss and any of the other LCD phones due to the combo carbon fiber and leather headbands.It's hard to listen to any phone for 8 hours straight, which I never do except maybe once every 12-18 months. Other than that my sessions last 15-60 minutes at most.
By that rationale, all high end summit phones are overpriced, which in a way they are because it's more about perceived value to these headphone companies. But, and I would never spend $8K on a pair of headphones, I'd sooner pay $8K for the LCD4 than $5.2K for the Abyss.Which do you prefer between the 4 and the HE1K? There are so many mixed opinions on the HE1K, some love it, some hate it. One of Tyll's friends, Bob Katz, in the industry heard the HE1K and totally hated...
Totally agree. I have no clue either how some feel the LCD-3 sound like the new LCD-4. The LCD-4 is the most superior headphone I've ever heard.
Lol @ the Valium.Apparently none of those DAC/amps have enough real power for these phones, as my pair have 95% as much bass as my LCD-3 which was slightly over the baseline. I'm hoping we aren't seeing another fluctuating driver issue, because then opinions are hard to give, period.
Have you heard the new version as of February? Or not? It is very different from the original release in October.Opinions provided based on the old diaphragm should be taken with a grain of salt.(And if you have, I must wonder what kind of system you listened to them on to feel the midrange was actually worse than the 009/007.)
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