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It's to prevent suction so that the nano-grade diaphragm doesn't get damaged.
You'd think so, right? Not so. Getting the LCD4 was the first chance I had to listen to my system in 2 years. No time. I hope things change though.
Oh, but yeah, your low gain might be a gain of 6. My low gain is 2. So there's a big difference there. That's likely why the V281 is so much louder. I'm not sure where I'm going to set my boards at but likely somewhere between 6 and 8.
That's good. My Beta22 (or most any balanced Beta22s) is a world class amp and the only downside is no variable gain but it is capable of 40 watts at 8 ohms. RUNNING BALANCED ALWAYS: At 300 ohms on low gain for my HD800 it gets plenty loud on my DACT 4-channel attenuator (not cheap, a $600 attenuator, plus I have a remote control motor drive on it, but anyway) at a setting of 10/24. For my LCD3 it gets very loud at 12/24. But for very loud volume on the LCD4 (newest...
Not quite sure how much power the V281 puts out but the LCD4 require roughly 2.3x as much current for equal volume as the LCD3. But you can't go wrong with the LCD4. Truly world class and I've not heard better.
Ok. It didn't sound general so I was like "whaaaa?" 😜
Obviously I meant irrelevant to me. 😃 Listening to my other cans is irrelevant after getting the 4s.
I wonder how many they've sold. Probably not nearly what the Abyss has which of course has been out longer but to me sounds flawed. I remember reading somewhere that Audeze says they can barely produce 20 units a month so I doubt the numbers are that high. And because of the price I'm sure relatively few people own them yet for others to hear. But I think their tech has come a long way since they started in 2009 and because of that fact I offer to let people come over...
Crutchfield is now selling factory refurb HD800 for $999. (They list the retail price at $1699, which it isn't, it's $1599.) But $999 for a factory refurb is a pretty good deal, though I never listen to my 800 anymore, or my 650. Ever since the LCD3 I stopped listening to the 800 pretty much, and the LCD4 makes all the rest irrelevant.
My gear? I'll PM you a picture if you'd like and then you tell me. My system is worth roughly six figures. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.
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