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for sale is ATH IM04, MINT condition. great IEM. new product released since Nov,2013.   asking $360 + $5shipping( 2-days priority shipping given) CONUS. I prefer sending as a gift so that cost no pp fees. Otherwise please cover pp fees.   Thanks!
I hate to say this but yr price is crazy
selling it for my friend. rare use, asking $180 CONUS.   Thanks!
for sale is the MINT condition Final Audio Design (FAD) Pandora Hope VI.   previous owner less than an hour use, I use approximately 15~20 hrs. so it is really in like-new MINT condition, and no scratch or any sign of use.   previous owner post here:   come with original sealed box; asking $600 + $shipping. CONUS preferred.   Thanks!
for sale is  Atomic Floyd Superdarts. They are  really great,  V sound signature, impressive bass worth a try.   Total time of actual USE approximately 20 - 30 hours.   asking $220 + $5 with 2-days priority mail shipping CONUS.
close for now
Still looks new MINT. Please read the specs on here or jvc's website. These are incredible in ears.   asking for $110 + $5 shipping fees. will do 2-days priority CONUS.   Thanks!
Reopen for KAEDE and IM04~
Got it only 1 day ago, good IEM no doubt. Deep bass, and vocal is very close, with very non-fatiguing and dimensional soundstage.     the only thing I m not get used to is that its SQ is too warm to my taste,   anyway, its a good try, different listening experience. Before getting it, I know its SQ is special and worth a try. That's why I get it. Reason for this sale is the same, I d love to try, and then sell them to get money and try other pairs again.    I m...
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