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For sale is Ocharaku -Flat4 Kaede (not type 2) MINT condition. I have kaede type 2 and k3k3 therefore not really used it very often.    You know that they are near to impossible to find it nowadays. very good for collection.    Asking for $900 including shipping(CONUS, if international then shipping price would be different). buyer covers pp fees or gift option.   Thanks
Today I got a great gift of iphone6 plus from official Apple store   however I already have iphone6plus in use LOL.. therefore I m very very sorry but have to let this go. from on the official apple website or you buy this from official apple store, it would be cost ?? as total(see attachment pictures ).   For a quick sale, I would ask for $?? shipped( 2 days prority, but buyer cover pp fees or sending as gift).. i think the price is pretty fair and confirmed.. Please...
great deal!
Very surprised.. At this price it has not sold yet for over a month! Omg...……
Want to try FAD heaven vii or lab01 or Ocharaku flat 4 Kaede 、、、 Please shoot me offer if interested Thanks
any comparison between k3003 and Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE??
is there has any comparison between these two?? want to update my IEM and now need to make a choice 
interested. but the price... LOL..
Just saw your post.. sorry for my no response ..   Hmm,, I don't really remember exactly, around 90~100 at most~   Thanks
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