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I would like to RSVP here now, I'm in!   I'll by bringing my Crack with Speedball Mod, HD 650s and my week-old HD 800s!   I'm looking forward to it!   Duane
I wasn't there, but judging from the pictures and comments, I'd give this Toronto meet an "eh" plus!
 You chose such a beautiful color for the wood! It looks great. The braiding of your three wires from the pot to the RCA jacks doesn't seem to be as tight as suggested in the manual. That may make it more susceptible to interference as a result. I have no idea if it would really affect the sound so much, but it's the only thing I thought of as I looked at the pictures. I hope you find the problem soon so it sounds as lovely as it looks! 
 I'm okay with headphones having fluffy ear pads sometimes though. :-)
Sound, sound, sound!!! I want every last dime I spend on a DAC or Amp of this quality to go completely to quality of sound it reads/produces/amplifies/etc, as well as reliability, and finally (but not least), to give the developer adequate compensation for the time/energy/money spent both as thanks and incentive to continue improving for the next product further down the road.   As for a screen, I'll stare at my computer screensaver while listening to the amazing music...
No remote, not black, but any hybrid can be made out of the two with some superglue. :-)   I don't mind any of this, as long as Jason includes a published copy of "Schiit Happened" in the box. 
Hi, whats the serial # on this pair? Are you the original owner? If so, what was the purchase date?   Thanks!
You can have your Schiit in any color you want as long as it's black. :-)
I'm excited about this as well, and headed out (from central Jersey) pretty soon. See all of you there!
I would like more often and consistent video features from Jude: that might spur on some new conversations in various forums. The lengthy threads, while full of great conversation, tend to eat themselves after a while. And what is one to do when one see's a 238 page thread on the subject they're interested in? Is it acceptable to just jump in to the most recent posts or must one curl up with a bottle of wine and get to it from page 1 for the evening? Some of these threads...
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