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I'm in, and looking forward to it!!   Duane
Sessions from the 17th Ward. You'll love it!
That's what I thought, though she's the perfect person for the cover, that's a fantastic album.
Amber Rubarth is on the cover, I don't know if she won it through a contest but they recorded her album with special microphones in a church in New York. I love that album, and you will too!
Apex Nautilus  
 Yes, it was the perfect place for him to listen and compare the equipment, right up until the moment they asked him to leave. The floor seems amazing. Customer service matters more.
This post seems as erratic as the women he describes stonewalling him at the store. If you're told to leave when you'd otherwise stay, that counts as getting kicked out. Last I checked, they are a business, offering product for a price, and your portrayal of them as a battered woman doesn't garner much sympathy. "Thoughtlessly" sharing his experience? It's his experience, and that's exactly what a business's reputation is based on, thousands of relayed experiences over the...
It's bigger than you now. How and where you tell your story is in your hands, but our response to it is not. You've started a movement, and the boycott is in effect. :-)
I'm in the same boat. Oh well, still worth it!
I would like to RSVP here now, I'm in!   I'll by bringing my Crack with Speedball Mod, HD 650s and my week-old HD 800s!   I'm looking forward to it!   Duane
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