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Does the DX80 output 24/192 on the optical port? [question makes sense?]
Done - seems indeed there was an issue with the site...FYI
All ok - he contacted me and we will do an offline transaction! Many thanks!
No worries guys I wrote to him as well. I'll wait few days no rush I need to do my impressions in few days anyway...
Thanks, going for the SLA.   Any trick on the ordering process?? The order form keeps on telling me I did not complete all required field - without showing which one (and keeping in mind I tried like 10 times double checked everything...tried on .COM, .CO.UK - from Windows, iOS...nothing....) What's wrong with this eCommerce package?!?
But any difference on sound properties?
Any view on SLA vs acrylic versions? Still pondering this last point before ordering
I have a WA7 which fell from its stand - destroying the top glass cover. I emailed woo audio without a response.  Any idea where i can purchase a replacement part? Many thanks
does it not change with the running time? for me no more dropout after 1h usage or so. I use a Mac with Audirvana and 5g of memory buffer
just got a new unit, #1856...and it came with 1.7
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