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I have a WA7 which fell from its stand - destroying the top glass cover. I emailed woo audio without a response.  Any idea where i can purchase a replacement part? Many thanks
does it not change with the running time? for me no more dropout after 1h usage or so. I use a Mac with Audirvana and 5g of memory buffer
just got a new unit, #1856...and it came with 1.7
 that was just for the picture :-)
my Woo Audio Wa2 finally got a worthy companion! both units are individually esthetically stunning but together...hum...Well, the sound is all that matters in the end and that part rocks   
 of course with a new gadget you don't go back to the 'old' one - but I will do a back to back comparison and share.The first impression is more controlled power :-)
already on order same for some russian tubes and amperax for the drivers :-)BTW just upgraded from a WA7. This one is going on the night table!
HD800.Yes I guess the quality varies. I got sylvania power tubes that look beyond old and one of them is not even straight which is a bit bothering as the unit looks so beautiful otherwise and that tube is really really distracting..
just got my WA2. still burning in, stock tubes. yet i start to understand the passion and this thread, absolutely LOVE IT. :-)
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