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Send them a roll of Schiit branded roll of toilet paper as a consolation prize so they can clean up in style.
Not stacking them seems to alleviate the interference, however, that is not pocket friendly. Since I use it when my laptop bag is handy, I shove it in there and don't need to stack.
The E12 has more output power.The bass boost is similar if not the same, however, I believe there was some difference in the original version of the E12. You can look at the curves on their website.
Schiit happens. 
This is basic research that is well established, not some stories on the Internet. Trying to wave off simple/basic/established scientific research isn't something that I am willing to do. Well, I'll no longer engage in a tennis match on this.
Rather than rely on anecdotal reasons as in posts on forums, one should look carefully at scientific research. Most research seems to indicate 3-4 seconds, some differ by a few seconds. One can find numerous results by scientific research, one brief example below. I will leave it at that, one is free to believe in what they wish.http://www.intropsych.com/ch06_memory/echoic_memory.html
You leave out suggestibility or expectation bias. Also, importantly, human echoic memory lasts a few seconds so making fine comparisons that are not subject to expectation bias is very difficult to do.Another factor is loudness contour or Fletcher-Munson. This shows that we perceive FR differently at different volume levels.So to compare accurately once has to carefully match volumes between systems and switch back and forth on the same music loop within seconds. It is...
If both amps have distortion levels that are far below what a human can detect and their power levels aren't widely different, what do you think? I own both and used them with an A/B switch, honestly, they sound the same.
Not everyone believes there is a significant notch at 5 Khz. I have seen some curves with a drop far more than this, so o me this is nothing scary in the HD600. Besides I wouldn't want to control sibilance in a few bad recordings by compromising  the FR of my headphones which would negatively affect all other good recordings. For such recordings I might consider using so EQ just for them when Iisten to them or gust grin and bear it for those few recordings. In the past...
One day we can become true Schiit Heads, when we can get DAC chips embedded in our heads, Although I wouldn't want to be running Windoze as a BSOD might have terrible consequences.
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