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  Perhaps it's just the recording. I think the HD600 is an excellent example of neutral. If one wants to experience a grating treble, IMO, look at the HD700.
They also took a little bit off the top of the HD650.
Hevea brasiliensis, it bounced back.
I'm using both Bubble on my Android devices as well as Twonky on my NAS. USBAPP has seen some recent fixes for UPnP and is looking pretty nice, except for the annoying delay in starting playback of a selected song and frequent skipping ahead to the next song.USBAPP nor MediaMonkey (Android) have the 2 annoying problems that Neutron suffers from.
So far I have one big complaint about Neutron. When using it with a UPnP source, in particular using Bubble to get to my Google All Music streaming account there are two problems. The same can be said for using my NAS server. 1) If I try to find music by any means other than Folder, each song shows up many times and makes that usage totally useless. 2) If I access an album by way of folder, then all songs are in alphabetical order, not track order. That is totally...
And that's a good thing, no added distortion.
I think that's a personal preference. What one person will just love another might despise. That's why some people are bassheads and others fall into different categories of listener. I think the best thing you can do is listen to different headphones to discover what kind of sound profile appeals to you and then find quality headphones that follow that theme.I also believe that unless one's amp can't drive a pair of headphones, your best improvements in sound, by far, are...
Any power in excess of what's needed for headroom is wasted in a decently designed amp. A Schiit Magni can drive most headphones, including the HD600 or HD650, without distorting and its FR is as flat as can be. If you're reaching as high as 600 Ohms, a little investigation of specs is worth looking into.
I must have missed that you wanted a DAC with a lightning socket. Just be aware of the Astrapi's limitations on driving headphones. If all you need is to drive reasonably sensitive IEMs then this might be all you need.
The Lightning CCK cable is similar to a USB OTG cable for an Android device. You will need the CCK cable and a USB cable to connect the CCK to a DAC instead of a camera..http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD821AM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter
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