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Nope, by the figures given in the post 117 dB. Actually if you look at the specs of the headphones, 1W should take you close to 119 dB. No kWs are required. I own both products.
The Bravo amps have issues with build quality and noise.
My Galaxy S3 burned out when plugged into a Bifrost DAC. The replacement blew out, just the same. It was replaced under warranty both times. I've used the second one with a powered USB Hub or OTG Y cable and wall wart without incident. If you do a bit of searching you will see that many people have experienced the same. Other devices work fine with my Bifrost.
Rattling, maybe you have a defective pair. If you still have it, send it in for a warranty repair. I'd say they owe you that much.
Wow, what were you and Nancy Pelosi doing the other night?
The amperage is a function of impedance, since it's the same driver, thus the same impedance (50 Ohms), the amperage will be the same. It is possible that the drivers for your 558's were less sensitive which would be a a bad on Sennheiser, but that much is odd. I just looked up the sensitivity for both headphone's on Sennheiser's website and they are the same.HD558: 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)HD598: 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)
Sorry but that is incorrect. Read the below. This has been confirmed by many who have opened both cans and found the same part number on the drivers. There should be no special difference in amping.
By that measurement you would need around 1W to reach 117 dB SPL for 27 dB of headroom to avoid distorting on peaks. I'd say that the Vali is just a tad short on power for running the HE-500's above modest volume. If you're exclusively listening to highly compressed (loudness) music then it's probably OK.
Oh Snap, they've outdone themselves. Hold it, they've outdone everyone. 
So when are you sending Thurston your new power cables and expensive headphone cables for extensive testing and evaluation at Howell Labs? I think he has time open on his calendar. 
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