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Time to get wild.
Controllability of the voice coil has to do with damping and is related to the ratio of headphone impedance vs. Amp output impedance. The HE500 is a planar, it has no voice coil and is resistive not reactive so this does not apply.Mechanical damping has nothing to do with amping.Power, loudness and gain are 3 different things.The HE-6 requires more power than the HE500 for the same loudness because is it less sensitive/efficient than the HE500. There are implications as to...
Yes, that will be extremely loud as in painful. All you need is an Amp that can deliver that cleanly, these days that is easy enough to find and very affordable.
But I have three ears, all of them golden.Someone is enjoying kicking around an intangible, the perception of DR based upon musical content and human beings. I suspect that this can go on for years and not arrive at a meaningful conclusion/consensus.
High sensitivity means that you need less power to drive them. Most SS and IC Amps are of a low output impedance.
Lack of demand?
    I was hoping for a better answer. 
By what means can an "after market cable" change how current reacts with the driver to change sound? There is no electrical property that can do this in context of a cable destined for headphone use.
There is nothing that excess power can bring to the table. One good watt is more than enough. If anyone can define the electrical property that makes the difference, I'm all ears. This is not rocket science, it's very basic.
Then, how about a washing machine, with the power switch on back? That ought to make everyone happy.
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