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  Only if you ate the CD Mat.
And the meat. Corn fed or grass fed.
I have all three and suspect that one may not notice any difference, unless they really want to (expectation). The differences in SNR are so very small and distortion below what we can hear. The only thing with my Modi2Uber is when there is no music playing there is a small amount of noise in the backround when using the optical link. I've emailed with Nick previously and will get around to sending it back for service. The Coax and USB connections are quiet.
Thank God. ttfn.
So it looks like Neutron doesn't work well with UPnP/DLNA, boo hiss. I tried MediaMonkey for Android with BubbleUPnP and it works rather nicely. I upgraded to the MediaMoney Pro version version ($3.49) and BubbleUPnP ($4.69). Problem solved. 
Did you have green eggs and ham for breakfast?
If you wait long enough, they burn out. 
I'm told that the sound from the channel from the black wire is darker than that from the blue wire. 
You do NFC?
Yeah, now you worry if your Amp has insulted your DAC's feelings.
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