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You shouoldn't be getting such hum or noises. Try disconnecting all inputs from your amp. Do you still hear it? If so, it's time to contact Schiit. Otherwise it's either a ground loop, defective component or cable that is upstream.
Get a camera bag for a DSLR. It'll be big enough (comes in different sizes), padded, closes up (dust free) and can be used for transport.
How does one get service once it's deployed? What about upgrades, especially the cell service technology changes?
I don't know about you, but I'm dying with a pair of headphones on my head.
User assembly required. Be prepared to fire up your soldering iron.
He gets passionate wild like a cat once in a while. So, I just read that Dr. Fang is looking for a new job.
Then you might as well buy all the stuff you want, since the end is near.
Good luck with that. I've never seen a smartphone OEM specs on that. At best you can find the official USB and OTG specs, that's not the same as a specific implementation.
+1 Absolutely.
A secret alien society has been designing new wireless headphones, no magnets, no diaphragms, no acoustics. Trouble up ahead for Dr. Dre and Apple..
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