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 It's hard to find any good Dave Weckl material on youtube as he polices his copyrights vigorously. Try the below. It's pretty tight for live.  
You might like many of Dave Weckl's tracks. You ever listen to Yellow Jackets?That article mentions Jaco Pastorius, he played in Weather Report which I also like. It's a pity how Jaco ended up. I used to work in the music business some time ago and got to personally know many of my favorite artists and even befriended some very popular ones that I didn't care much for their music
I like fusion jazz, I like it when Dave Weckl turns loose on the drums. That cat can play.
I'm not sure that you've made your position clear.
I can drink a double shot of espresso and go to bed and fall asleep.
You ever see how mass production chicken is squeezed out? It makes urban crowding seem like free range.
That peak is not what is considered to be distortion. I don't see how it would tame it. Some people think that a tube amp will generate more even harmonics that will do this, IMO that is not true. Firstly I would not want an amp to alter the original material and change the character of what was recorded. Also, good tube amps have distortion levels that are well below what humans can detect.Dealing with such a peak will probably leave the below options.Modify the...
To me, the things you list are legitimate hobby activities. But people making up stuff to prove they have something special or another person must do what they dictate or else they have an inferior setup. To me the worst is when a forum mob foists an anecdote based unsubstantiated dictate and belittle those that do not go along with the game. Usually there is no science involved or if there is it is usually misrepresented. I'd rather spend the time replacing the bushings...
Keep in mind that an amp has a flat FR and will not filter/EQ the 6 KHz peak.
Keeps hobbyists engaged. I prefer to spend that time listening to music rather than chase what I think are fairy tales.
New Posts  All Forums: