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  The reason that I asked is once you turn up the volume/gain and go past the dynamic range of the input you get more noise and compromise SQ. Of course listening at what might be a thunderous volume may not be exactly fun.
Yeah, skid marks are a result of problem with Schiit.
And if you played music while it was turned up all the way, how would it sound? Any clipping or distortion?
"Smear the detail" is an extreme statement.
OK, but in any case I dont see how it's going to make anything better, we can leave that to the probably banter in the  upsampling thread.
I have no problems using a Y connectors with my Bifrost as its output impedance is more than low enough to drive more than the two amps.The capacitance in short Y connects/cables isn't enough to affect treble at all.
The HE-500's have a more extended sub bass, slightly recesseed mids and a small peak at around 9 kHz, maybe a little better transient response. The HD600's have a more even treble, are more neutral with a slightly recesssed sub bass. I like both of them, very much.
I consider HD600 to be neutral, not overly treble in any way. I consider the HD650 to be a little lighter in treble and a little heavier in bass compared to neutral. The keyword here is little which for me was enough to favor the HD600. I thought that the HD600 was a little better for vocals. I spent a great deal of time comparing them because they were close in sound, I was pondering the extra bass of the HD650 vs.the better neutrality of the HD600's and in the end went...
As far as the Modi goes, what goes in comes out. But as far as upsampling goes, how can anyone expect anything to magically appear that was never there in the first place?
@rovopio I answered the part about the HD-600's not being discontinued in to your post in the HD600 thread as they are still listed on Sennheiser's website and the word discontinued is not on it. I would never think that the treble of the HD600's are strident at all, I think it's rather good, better than most without any feeling of elevation. As far as the granite look, yeah it's a bit odd, but since I never got sick eating bad M&Ms styled the same way, I don't get the...
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