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I fail to see how a cable is going to act like a low cut filter.
I think you need an audiophile intervention and some hypnotherapy. Don't worry, you will recover.
I've updated to the latest firmware and it works perfectly. I wonder why some folks have problems.
Got that right. Not everyone has a Hifiman HE-6 to drive.
We should float that past some audiophiles and watch the excitement.
Actually one has to look at the sensitivity rating of the headphone to determine the max wattage required. Anything wattage that can deliver over 120 dB SPL has no value. Actually one can do with less that a 120 dB SPL max.
So you want a DAC that does floating point conversions. The marketing department will take delight in that idea.
I knew Mike Mandel, Larry Coryell's keyboard player back in the 1970's. He was unstoppable for a blind fellow. I used to fix and modify his ARP Odyssey Synthesizer. I went to many of their live performances.
Oh Lord, you guys are either going to trigger a cataclysmic geological event or create some fake news.
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