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You can get Neutron player for iDevices, It has a parametric EQ, Crossfeed or Surround Sound for a DSP effect. On android it works with many external DACs, on the App Store it says that it supports DACs.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neutron-music-player/id766858884?mt=8
Dang, so I'll have to upgrade my filters and get gold cups. Don't tell me I'll have to get coffee beans that were pooped out of a golden eagle.
I'm thinking that I need to upgrade to an audiophile automatic espresso machine. That would mean purchasing one of those $1K power cords so I can get enhanced crema. I'll also need one of those $1K USB cables so I can tether it to my laptop to run the app. A cheap USB cable will not get as much of an airy foam for my latte and running a Bluetooth app from my smartphone would result in too much compression of the crema.
An Amp designed for speakers will not deliver the same wattage to headphones at the speaker taps.  The HE-6 is 50 Ohms, not the 4 or 8 Ohms that are typical for speakers. To deliver the same wattage at 50 Ohms would require a much larger voltage swing which would not be a design parameter for such an amp.
In my case, I'm an EE and fully understand the topic and know the difference between engineering and myth,
Is Hair Bender the bean they use for over the counter lattes at their stores? Edit: I found this on their web site, "We use Hair Bender for our espresso in all of our cafes."
There are different aspects of SQ or how we perceive sound. I do not find it necessary to describe them with audio slang that has no real meaning or lengthy strings of words (even if they are accurate). Short and to the point, as long as it is accurate and understandable, which may be not be entertaining for a forum flash mob.
You expect them to be any better? If so, in what way, exactly?
I use the same stick on feet for all of my Schiit, they're really good.
I'll draw the line at Vogon poetry so as not to tick him off.
New Posts  All Forums: