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There you go, ready to rock.
You might consider the HD600's which can often be found on sale, in your budget. I would recommend the FiiO E18 over the E17.
@UBono269 CD's are 16 bit so perhaps some of those replies are relevant. If 16 and 24 bit make no difference at the distributed product, then I would think your question was answered.
IMO you're comparing to totally different applications of tubes. The intended FR and distortion levels are very different. I haven't yet seen a audiophile amp that has a preamp gain control that is used to deliberately overload the stages preceding the output and allowing that output to be driven into heavy distortion when desired. Many guitar amps have foot switches to toggle the affect of extra gain.The other use of a standby switch is to have the amp instantly available...
I don't think that either the HD600 or HE-500 will disguise a poor recording. Neither of these cans are weak in the treble department.
  We'll have to disagree. There must be a reason why the HD600's have been on sale for the last 19 years, even though many new models have come out, including its intended replacement the HD650's. The HE-500 is no longer listed on Hifiman's website. I have both headphones and plan to keep both of them.
You left out, emotional involvement.
Go to the ER.
No can do. You'll have to use Y cables to the input of the amp and work your way to the sub amp from the Y cables.
Here's another.
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