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Can we discuss the power of the human imagination?
I listen a bit on the loud side and when it happens I can hear it on anything I have attached, HD600's, HE-500's, just about anything. When I don't sandwich, things are much better.
Life in usb audio seems to be like rushing from one workaround to the next.
If you miss hearing it, turn up the volume.
I don't think the interference has anything to do with your IEMs or headphones. Perhaps you are referring to the SNR of the E18 being more evident when using. sensitive IEMs.
A couple of shots of espresso on the way and you'll make it.
Stumptown has two places in Manhattan and one of them is a 12 minute walk from my office. I shall be visiting them soon and leave with bags of beans.
You need to update its firmware.
Trademark it as ONR (Optical Noise Reduction) and sell it to Dolby.
Is that what they mean by a black background? Talk about a low SNR.
New Posts  All Forums: