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-Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:  -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in):  -Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in)  Not sure when will the tour starts, but is it possible to arrange me around the end of January or later? I'll be in the Asia area before that.
This would be interesting to see how it compares to the built in amp of my G4 Good luck to everyone and myself!
 ahh...thanks. guess I'll need to get another amp if I want to do that, but I have no idea what I want anyways :p really enjoying the E10k though
the music will be coming from the X1 to E10k and out to my heaphones
am I doing this horribly wrong? I tried using a aux cable, connecting it from my Fiio X1 to the E10k's line out at the back and when I listen to the music from my headphone through the front headphone out, the sound is all muddy and boomy...
Wish ive waited, but already got a re400 and a e10k...
 Ahh, right now, I'm using my K7xx on my desktop with the onboard sound from the Asus motherboard. Besides that I only got my phone (G4) and the Fiio X1. I'm looking to maybe get a Oppo HA-2 or the Fiio E18 since I got some extra money being "forced" to work over thanksgiving weekend. :p
Should i grab this to upgrade my k7xx or get a amp/dac?
My md name is cardamom. What? How did i came up with that name? Id like to see a oppo ha-2 drop Xd
I saw that once worn by a young guy. It looks so funny, but im the only audio enthusiast among my friends so no one understand what im laughing at :/
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