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I have a chance to test out the Adaro Wireless. Maybe I'll write a review about it. Right now, my impression is...muffed...
Anime character counts right? Interested to try those cans if I have a chance...
by chance I have both :D and saw your post while I'm testing both. From what I hear, the bass on the Mi3 is a bit smoother and more pronounce than the X1. That might have something to do with Mi3's eq. Using K7xx without any amps. I have to turn the volume on the Mi3 to 70%, but only 1/3 on the X1. I set the Mi3's eq to flat and turn off the eq on the X1.   I think if you are upgrading your phone, then maybe you can save some money from only buying the Mi3, but I'm not...
Beats everywhere :D how fun!
 After searching a bit, looks like the Xiaomi Mi3 uses a Cirrus chip (CS42L73) and by chance I have one beside me :p oh and the wolfson for the Nexus 5, but my nexus 4 is pretty horrible?
 Its only cost around $400 now, I suspect it might drop even more when they release the Z4 compact? Ya I was thinking about getting the G4, but maybe I'll wait a bit more to see how the new phones. Like oppo...so many phones to wait for this summer :p
 now I really want to get that phone XD with that price, that sound quality, that battery life, that size, so awesome!!!
 I'm interest to know too. I couldn't find any teardown of the Z3c that shows the chips like the Z3 did. I would assume they will be using the same chip which means the same SQ? looks like everyone missed this post @.@
 over ear headphones for outdoor is not really my thing lol. I tried it with a m50x and it heats up which made my ear uncomfortable and the isolation cannot be compared with iems...I think the Denon's 600 or 7100 looks really nice, but it will be too big to put them around the neck  you are lucky :D true, it can be a trouble traveling with large cans.
saw someone with a Denon (not sure which model, but its over-ear) and follow by a Urbanite XL XD
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