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I see there is an ocean between us XdWhile walking home, I exchange stars with a random guy who looks like also trying to check out my audio stuff (wearing se215 at the time)
 Only if I had a chance 3.3. I'm those people who gets awkward when talking to strangers. (am I getting too off topic?) is it creepy to try to redraw the scene? On the bus home, saw someone with a headphone similar to mad dogs, but clearly something else that I don't know...
Saw someone wearing a Sony V6 in school today, and she looks really cool with it! XD
 Lucky that I was able to see other headphones and earbuds. I went to this small salon (for males) one of the haircutter uses a logitech tf10, saw a few HD558, m50, but most people use Sony low end MDRs, use to see a lot of beats solos and bose ae or oe, but they disappeared for this semester lol
got my pair of K7xx a few days ago. since I only have a Fiio X1 and no amp, it sound pretty nice for me. I also tried it on my laptop which has the Conexant 20672. both can drive the cans to a high volume that could do harm to my heardings. Just wondering, with a good amp, how much better it gets? right now, the music I listen to, the soundstage seems still a bit small. so it would be wider with an amp?
this would be interesting, but I'm not as professional as the other members in here, still give it a try? haha -Headphone(s) you possess:      AKG K7xx      SE215      Logitech UE500      Koss ProDJ 100      XiaoMi Pistol -DAP(s) you possess:      Fiio X1      iPod Nano 2G      iPod Classic 5G      Nexus 4,5      Xiaomi Mi3      Xperia Neo V      Nexus 7 2013 -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any):      Fiio X1 -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have...
but I'm afraid that only my Fiio X1 can drive that can properly. Better save up for an amp then...
update, I gave up the idea of getting ad900x, and got the K7xx instead :p it will arrive around mid-feb, hope it will be a pleasant experience :D
I think the reason is because of the weight and the style. Maybe the hate towards beats is getting larger than before (apple) moving people to other headphones, but sighting of Momentums is still under Bose :p
I saw someone was wearing the se215 in a wrong way *facepalm* I also have one.   Been seeing a few Sennheiser closed cans in school. mostly momentums.
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