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Saw one v-moda, ATH-PRO700MK2, SE215 today :D
Finally saw someone wearing a Harmon Karon headphones. And a few momentums.
 I started before getting into audio stuff (Halo soundtracks) :p
they look super sexy! Now I need to save up to get one...
 but its even heavier than the m50x lol
 MDR-1R seems like a good option since I listen to a lot of female vocal songs. I'm planning to get an iem later too for portable use. oh...I have more headphone choices now :p  I find it hard to sell my m50x...(selling at around $150-$160)
 Yup, a headphone that wont make my head sore after an hour of using it. (that means a light-weight hp) :p
 Reminds me of a person I met in a math workshop. He was wearing a beats solo and I can always hear what he is listening to =.= Its pretty sad...
Went to guitar center today and ask about headphones. When I told the guy that Im using it for casual listening, He started this attitude is like "casual listener wont buy this mid-range headphones." =.= Guess Ill just try the headphones from Amazon
its kind of sad when I told my friends that I bought a headphone and all their first question is "a beat headphone?" Im the only one who is willing to spend some money on a good pair of headphones...I was stupid the whole time, going to Fry's to check out the audio stuff :p 
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