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I prefers my Denon D600 to the HD800 but that's because the HD800 where too sterile! If the D7100 are not worth it over the D600 I'll prob def go M100 again.
Makes perfect sense, the D7100 is more luxurious I.e wood cups etc and cost more. I want to get one more so if I end up getting the D7100 I'll use my D600 as my portable. If they sound too alike to the point they literally can't be told apart then I'll buy the M100 again.
In the UK the D7100 are the same price as the Alpha Dog or AKG K712. My options are buy the D7100 and use my D600 for portable use or buy the M100 again for portability(instead of the D7100) If the D600 and D7100 are too similar then I may reconsider.
You don't actually believe they are worth the money?
First I just wanted the best equipment possible. After a while it turned out to be a drag and stressful constantly looking for upgrades even when I just bought new phones. I'm a closed back guy so went the route to purchase my first Hifi closed backs the Mad Dogs. After getting better equipment I again started to look for that upgrade so demoed some Hifi phones like the LCD2 TH900 and more mixtures of closed and open. I realized something, Midfi easy to drive headphones...
There really isn't much of a difference in detail. If anything I find the 598 to be a bit better in this department with it's bit larger soundstage abd better accuracy. The HD600 is alright but it's overpriced. I'd go with the 598 it's half the price has the same amount of detail, if not more and it's on the dame level quality wise.
completely wrong headphones for you IMO look into something with more attack and energy like the Grado SR60i with G cush.
Nope they are not defective I've had a few pairs and this is the sound. They are a more laid back sound. I prefer my Denons, I find them a bit cleaner sounding too but they both are for different useses.
I found the 880's ok. They still sound more on the sterile side to me though. I preferred the MA900 to them too. The MA900 are more open with a more fun liquid mid range and fuller bass imo
Nope I have many amps I really do find them slow. They are really great though but wished they had a more liquid mid range and speed but I appreciate them for what they are.
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