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Those look great. I think they're the ones I'll get. Thanks for that!
*bump* Any other suggestions?
Ok I'll try to check those out.   Any other suggestions? Some closer to the $100 new, end of the range, would be helpful too.
Not bass heavy, but I know being closed they will generally be more bass heavy than a pair of open. Less bright than the Grados is fine. As is more or less neutral. Generally, something with good isolation, clean sound and that won't make me ears ache as they do now with my Grados.
Sorry, should have clarified. Not looking to recreate the same experience. Just using them as sort of a benchmark.  But really, I should have just left that part out.
Hi guys, newly registered, but a long time lurker.  I'm looking for a pair of headphones that don't break the bank. I have a pair of Grado 125's that I love, but I'm looking for a new pair. Looking for a pair of closed, over ear's that will do a good job of isolating external sound. I'd like to spend around $100 to $150.
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