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Thanks for this. I think helpful criticism from a thoughtful preson is a good addition to the chorus of love for something this $$.
they STILL aren't selling them in the US! What a disappointment.. or a way to drive up demand
Whats the weight on them? I emailed Marshall and them seemed super weighty. Plus reviews have not been kind..
Newest Marshall. They are SOOO heavy I wouldnt deem them portable.
Too heavy, not good sound, next!
Question, have you tried with another BT source, such as another phone or even a laptop? Not questioning your experience, but its helpful to isolate all variables to find the one at fault. Seems people in this thread and others on the MM2 who experience this usually have either had REV01 or an older phone. Could be you've identified a true issue (with $500 phones, no less!) or a bad BT source.
Seems to me like you got REV01 - from reading comments here. Are these just now bought from BHphotovideo or a while ago? I wonder if they're still selling REV01
 You're still missing my point: for a $300 wired headphone, this one barely competes with what I detailed above (ATH, Sony, RBH, Thinksoud ON1, etc) which start lower - say $200-$300. Hence I start with the thought that these should be $250ish, max, as wired. Now, I AGREE with you that there is adding a lot for the wireless version (BT, DAC, etc). I suggest this addition should be 30%, no more. Again, other companies have managed to make the jump to wireless without a 30%...
 Now THATS a great price :-)
You have an amazing capacity to both troll-ishly insult me while not reading my post. Because otherwise you'd never say anything as dumb as this: "So what you're saying is they should cost the same or less the non-Bluetooth model".   Read again what I said and get back to me:   Basically lets be generous and assume you add a 30% premium for BT
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