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Jeebus thats horrible. I'm not understanding the "upside" though, are the $30 headphones the same as the XTZ divines??
Let us know how they are. You seem ready to not like them before you get them ;-)
Selling a one year old pair of Vanatoo One Transparent, along wiht a plugged-in peachtree apt-x bluetooth. They work flawlessly, but I need to downsize.   SOLD
ATH-WS99BT They aren't that portable though...
The PM3 look beautiful to me but too heavy to truly be portable, despite their form factor.
The very first page of this thread lays out his rationale - he has no "favorite". He has a long list of breakdowns and headphones that are useful depending on what you want - but no ranking or one favorite.
Spoken like somebody who hasn't read the intro...
Youre connected as a headset, not a headphone. Different protocol and compression.
Thanks for this. I think helpful criticism from a thoughtful preson is a good addition to the chorus of love for something this $$.
they STILL aren't selling them in the US! What a disappointment.. or a way to drive up demand
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