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 I also hate the rear volume control... This volume knob is very interesting - are they worth the cost you think for just laziness?
Love mine also - any tips or tricks you've learned having them a while?
Hi all I'm sporting some Vanatoo One's, very happy with them, trying to find a simple bluetooth adapter. I see Brightech Brightplay and Avantree both have apt-x... Anyone have experience with one or the other? Thanks!
Newforce, I wonder if you are still reading this? I am interested in buying the Samsung DA-F60 and wondering your long term view? Has anything new and better come up recently that you like? Thanks!
I know this will irk some people by my philistine approach, but bear with me   I currently have a Harmon Kardon 3480 and Celestion speakers for my main living room (apartment, not too big). Both were bought used and have given me good service, but the amount of wiring for what essentially amounts to me blasting a laptop or similar output (HDMI from television, or simply a phone playing low-bit MP3 files) is getting on my nerves. Simultaneously, the sound has "degraded"....
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