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Thanks! Much appreciated!
Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it! I'm kinda a newb at this stuff so I need some good advice before taking the plunge here eventually. So I have heard of Cambridge sound equipment. How does Cambridge rank compared to the other brands out there (Polk, Onkyo, Klipsch?). Also, does anyone know anything about speakers, Level 3. I have heard they have good value for the money. Is this true?
It would be used for movies, Xbox gaming, HDTV. primarily. Won't be using it really for listening to music, but I suppose I could. Any recommended packages of good equipment? Thanks!
Just wondering if there are recommendations on which brands of speakers/receiver to go with for a home theater project. (Polk audio, Klipsch, Denon, Bose, etc..).. Looking to spend between $1000 - 2000. Thanks!
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