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Selling my modded t50rp's, 105$ to canada, 115$ to the states. Modded with a dynamat X-treme lining, torn up cotton balls in both cups and a strip of paint tape I used to temporarily seal the baffles, as well as shure shr-840 pads. Will throw in a ton of extra dynamat (I'm not using it for anything else) 
13.5lbs 22.7lbs 36.4lbs
Looking to sell my pair of T50RP's, modded with dynamat lining of the cup, stuffed with cotton pads (reversible) and with both original pads and shure srh 840's. Looking for 110, preferably shipped to the states or Canada. I will throw in a ton of left over dynamat for whomever wants it. 
I'm sorry to everyone who has sent me offers up until now; I hadn't narrowed down my desired interest list (I've been quite uncertain about it for some time). However, I've decide now; no more changes to the post!
Looking to sell my Hifiman HE-400's or trade them for the Sennheiser hd 600's or Beyerdynamic T90 with cash on my side. As they were bought in February, I believe they are the latest rev. Perfect condition with about 10 hours use (I will upload photos later) and all original accessories and box. 
Looking for a good condition pair of AKG K545's. Please send me pictures and your asking price. Thanks! 
Looking to trade my HE-400's for your HD 600`s. They are in mint condition, bought in March with about 15 hours use on them. 
Looking to sell my perfect condition HE-400's. They rate a 9/10 on the audiogon scale, and include all original accessories. Selling because I would like buy a pair of CIEM's. Photos are available and will be uploaded as soon as possible. 
Selling my pair of earsonic sm1's. They are in perfect physical condition (the only damage is to the cardboard box they came in). They have a neutral sound signature, something that I actually enjoyed more than I though I would. However, I could not get the same seal on both sides due to a weird ear shape, and am selling these in order to get a pair of CIEMs. Looking for 100, or a pair of neutral CIEMs (Alclair reference etc.) 
I currently have a pair of Earsonic sm1's that I would like to upgrade in a couple of ways: 1. I feel as though they lack some detail; i appreciate the neutral sound signature, however I could do with more detail, soundstage and perhaps a tinge of warmth 2. They have less than impressive isolation. I previously had a pair of Asg 1.3's that crushed the sm1's for isolation (but they sounded horrible). I would like better isolation   I have two options, either reshell the...
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