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I did that and tried a few other things, but to no avail. It just doesn't work. I change the preamp values all day long and I cant get the volume down at all. I checked in the sound settings, I and I have the enable audio enhancements box checked along with the allow applications to take exclusive control of this device box as well. The only thing that I haven't tried is that open al dll fix at the bottom of the page.
Ok, I've tried following the tutorial so far. In the Room EQ Wizard when measuring the SPL I always get a message saying that the level is low -96.7 db. Is this an error? My issue is that the gain is too loud.
I have read that folks on head FI own the Creative Soundblaster Z card so, I was wondering if you've experienced this issue. I have had a Creative Soundblaster Z card for a few months, and as far as I can tell, the headphone out on the back of the card is always pushing out at the max driving force that the amp can deliver which makes using headphones with it impossible right now.  The headphones that I'm using don't really need a lot of driving force. Is there a way to...
Hello, this is my first post on Head Fi.com and I am looking to get a starter pair of nicer headphones sometime soon. However until I decide whether or not I want open vs closed back headphones(worth noting that I do like to listen to music on the go, but usually prefer buds for that) I am wondering which sound card to get with my computer, as it is the device that I will primarily be using with my headphones. I do like to game and have really been looking to try a card...
New Posts  All Forums: