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Just an update, I finally settled with Sierra tower w/ RAAL from Ascend Acoustics, and a NAD receiver. 
Hi everyone, I have been using Yulong D100 DAC with my 2 ch speakers, recently I am upgrading my home theater and want to know how's the sound quality of receivers compare to DAC like the Yulong, so far I am looking at Yamaha A820, A1010, Marantz SR5006, or NR1604. If you know any receiver that has top notch audio quality feel free to let me know too. 
Yep, it's a 270x. 
I see, HDMI FTW!!!!   My receiver has like 5 HDMI ports on the back, lol!
I have a Yulong DAC that connects to pc via USB, recently I upgraded my home theater and bought a receiver. Should I connect SPDIF out from motherboard to receiver or get a sound card that has optical out and connect to the receiver? Would a dedicated sound card provide better audio quality?   Or should I use HDMI from video card?
How does it compare to Yulong D100 DAC?
Have been busy lately, soon I will have some free time to do so, can't wait!
Yes, but I will trade them in at a Guitar Center for something better. :)
Has anyone heard some of them? I orginally set my eyes on the JBL LSR305, but since I listen to classical music, how much better will the Stealth 6 or the Adam A7x be? I know price wise JBL is not in the same league as the other two but it's something my budget can stretch too. If the difference is really minimum then I can buy a good sub to pair with the 305 (for movies)
 That's a great question.  I am thinking that a sound bar would provide a better virtual surround than my current 2.0 setup (right now I use ffdshow audio decoder to create additional virtual channels), but that could just be my misconception. 
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