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Really appreciate your help, I will let others to chime in. 
Is the difference between the first and second gen big enough to warrant the second gen? This is mainly for the mids. 
Warm is fine, but they should be nothing like the M50x, after listening to an orchestra piece that had a part of cello/double bass plucking the strings, my head just felt dizzy. On the bright side I did notice less of coughing sound from the audience. lol!
I am a classical music lover, recently I got M50x because of its portability and popularity, but to my disappointment the bass was too overwhelming, while the mids sounded a bit recessed. I like the neutral sound on my DT 660 (plus the mids have more detail and larger soundstage than the M50x) but it's not portable. Does Momentum Over-Ears 2 have the sound similar to DT 660? If not what closed cans would you recommend. I'd like try to the PM3 but it's out of my budget. =(
How does DT 880 (32Ohm) compare to DT 660 for classical? Has anyone tried both? Right now 880 costs about 100 bucks more, I wonder if it's worth going here. Thx!!
 Very helpful!! I will ask him to try both the 560 and 600 if possible. Thx!
Tell us how the 560 compares with your HD650, I've also been thinking about those two headphones. 
 Thank you for the comment. Yes, he prefers the sound from headphones to be as close to the instruments as possible. 
I have a friend who plays in a symphony orchestra and is looking for some advice on headphones. So how would you rank HD800, HD600 and HE560 for classical music? I understand the HD600 gives the most bang for the buck (like the recent $250 deal!), but how much improvement will the other two bring? 
Has anyone listened to HE-560 or HE-6 through the V200/V100 amp? I am trying to decide between the Violectric and Burson soloist, please post your impression. 
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