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Has anyone listened to HE-560 or HE-6 through the V200/V100 amp? I am trying to decide between the Violectric and Burson soloist, please post your impression. 
 Sorry to hear that, hope it will work out for you. =)
 How do you like your Schiit Asgard2 as the amp for driving HE560?
So the soundstage is between HD600 and HD800?
I used to have a pair of K701 ten years ago, I still remember the big soundstage it offered, how does the HE-560 compare?
Sweet! My source is Shiit Gungnir and I listen mostly to classical music. I was looking at EF-6 but wonder if anyone use RAGNAROK as the amp. Please let me know if you have any other musical amps to recommend too! Thanks!
Would you guys consider the HE-560 to be a top contender for the best cans under $1000? HD800 is over my budget so I am looking at others. 
Just an update, I finally settled with Sierra tower w/ RAAL from Ascend Acoustics, and a NAD receiver. 
Hi everyone, I have been using Yulong D100 DAC with my 2 ch speakers, recently I am upgrading my home theater and want to know how's the sound quality of receivers compare to DAC like the Yulong, so far I am looking at Yamaha A820, A1010, Marantz SR5006, or NR1604. If you know any receiver that has top notch audio quality feel free to let me know too. 
Yep, it's a 270x. 
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