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Thanks everyone for suggestions! I've dropped by a store and stumbled upon Sony XB800, the sound seemed rather impressive but after reading reviews online Im gonna go back and test them with some hightone rich music. Gonna see if I can find AKG k240 to test too! Don't really want something too bulky (Sony MDR-V55 seems to be perfect size) but it might be worth it. 
 Hey, thanks for the tips! EVO seems like a good deal. Would the soundcard negate need for an amp? 
Hi all. I'm out for budget headphones that I'd use mainly for music with occasional gaming. I've been browsing various reviews and guides and ended up with those four models: Audio Technica ATH-M50 KRK KNS-8400 Sennheiser HD449 Sony MDR-7506 I am curious if you can suggest which one would suit me best based on my preferences, as well as possibly suggest cheaper alternatives to 8400/M50 (I'm after full/half-sized, closed). I also have a question if 8400 requires...
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