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So heres the thing i played around with the headset, and when i push the plug back (assuming the phone screen is facing me) it works good and when angle the chord a certain way. (i have the note 2) So i gave the headphones to my brother who has the s3 and they work perfectly for him...    Could this be because the headphone jack on my phone is messed up or was it just something with the headset? The samsung headset that came with my phone seems to be working good
When i use the padacs with my android phone i only get sound in the left ear… but it works for both ears on my ipod. Is there a way to fix this is?   When i ordered them i figured the built-in controls wouldnt work but i didnt really care about them, but only one earphone works on my phone
How do you guys feel about the vmoda remix? Reviews say that the build quality is great and the sq is also really good  Ive actually been leaning to get this instead...   http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-Remix-In-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphone/dp/B0047T71IE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1380497304&sr=8-4&keywords=vmoda+remix
I cant do the shure, its too much for something im going to bring to school. Theres really nothing in that price range? 
I recently lost my sony mdr-as50g, believe it or not i had them for almost 8 years and i loved them they were great for running and they were comfortable but now i need to replace them. I need something thatll last me at least a year, i want something that i wont have to worry about breaking or losing because these are going to be my school set. (i used the sony for running, these dont HAVE to be good for activity but if they are itll be a great plus) Right now im using...
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