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 Awesome! Going for the AGD 10ES3 then! :D Thanks for help guys :D
 Im using SE out yes. Yeah the Audio GD is a little cheaper overall, cause I dont even need to buy XLR cables for the amp/dac. I was thinking about the 10ES3 cause it got 5,9W @ 50ohm. But they also have a strictly amp with 4,5W @ 50ohm for 400 bucks, the NFB-6.The question is, since the NFB 10ES3 got a DAC, and only 230 bucks more expensive, will it have as good quality components? (yeah im being serious)
Schiit Mjolnir + Buffalo DAC or Audio GD NFB-10.33, NFB-10ES3 or any other audio GD?  I like how Audio GD have both single ended and XLR so its more versatile?  I did a quick read were some say the Mjolnir might have better SQ? 
Schiit Mjolnir delivers 5W @ 50ohms, is that suffiecent enough to maybe fix the this? 
 Oh cool, thats pretty interesting. Which other amplifiers would you recommend other then Audio GD?Am a bit sceptical to chinese products, especially when I have to import it. 
 I dont really mind if its Orthos or not as long as they sound clean but have that punchy bass. Interesting, can really an amplifier provide something which I currently find pretty much non existent with the current setup? Its pretty much zero "donk donk donk" from kick drums with my current setup. 
Hmm...  Is there any easier obtainable stereo amplifiers for HE-6? How much more punch will the HE 6 give over HE-500? 
 I think it will be a struggle to get hold of the HE 4.But a stereo amplifier for HE-500 or HE-6, wouldent that be farly cheap?Cheaper then a dedicated headphone amplifer for them (atleast for HE-6)?
I dont necessarly want something thats really bassy. Most importent thing is that it got that punch/impact sound which is really fun, especially for EDM. Will the Fostex give that?  Ive been reading that Hifiman He-500 got a really tight and impactful bass, but I dont know if its better then Denon/Fostex's punch
Hello!   I currently own a Burson The Conductor and Denon AH-D2000 & Audeze LCD-2 headphones.  90% of the time I listen to electronics music, especially electronic dance music. With this genre I  favor the Denon AH-D2000, id say its like 65/35 in favor of the Denon. However, the LCD-2's extremly good soundstage and resolution is just so good that I'd love to have something similar for this genre, but with more punchy/impact in the bass. I was listening at some Denon...
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