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 No I think I'm done with premium IEMs. Apple's buds are perfectly fine.
Here is my review :   Probably the worst buying decision I made in a very long time.
I have had my SE535 LTD for just a little over a month now and unfortunately I am slowly realizing that they are not practical for everyday use. It seems like I have wasted a ton of money for a headphone that I shouldn't have bought. I use them mainly with my iphone 5s + spotify 320kbps.    The issues I have with them are as follows :    * They are extremely hard to wear compared to a conventional headphone like apple ones or bose ones. Every time I put them on, the...
 You guys are scaring me!:)
I think $549 is as much as I want to spend on a IEM (it's a ridiculous amount of money for me for a headphone!). I just don't see myself ever spending $1,000 for it. That's probably something that'll cost me 10x more when my wife files for divorce and I have to pay lawyer fees!:)
 That's right, but it's a lot better than 4r (no cable), UE900 (has loads of QC issues with disconnects), klitpsch (lets not even go there). I really don't care about the quality of the cable because based on "my" low standards, it's 10x better than what I'm used to. Yes it doesnt have kevlar on it, who cares:)
 You are wrong. Please read this thread and pay attention to post #20: Look at the frequency responses the LTD has 19.5 vs the regular 19. It is the same one as the Asia, the only difference is Asia one has a clear cable and this one comes with iphone cable.
I know it is. I wanted to save on the extra cables. Each costs $50 a piece i think. Getting 2 for the price of 1 and the modified 535 is a good deal. I also love red as a color.
You live only once. I just ordered the 535 ltd. I will post my feedback once I receive them tomorrow. Thanks everyone for their help in this thread.
 Well maybe what you heard is not true. I highly doubt the changes are cosmetic only. Also remember they now have iphone/ipod integration.
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