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Many thanks to Justin and Steve. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot even with a relatively small size of the group. Definitely looking forward to future meets (and hope I can make it). 
Just to confirm, the meet is tomorrow from 11 to 5 right?   Some how your post make it sound like it's happening on Sunday...
Depending on my work schedule I may be able to go.    I can bring along: HE-6, W60, and NFB10ES (if it's not sold by then). 
Thanks for the good words my friend! I didn't put any advertising words in my listing so that only those who know its value will make the bidding. Like I said I'm more than happy to keep it with me. 
That's what I did--bought a pair of velours from Head-direct and took the rings for pad rolling. 
Thank you. Now we should say it's not rumor any more. It's in the process of being discontinued...
 One thing I'm pretty sure of is that Hifiman is no longer a 'small business' per se, if that's what you're referring to...  If the rumors are real they may be discontinuing HE-6 very soon, so here's some more pressure for you... 
This Month ??? That's insane...
Mine is actually 1/8 inch at 50 duro. 
Yes I agree it might have to do with the specific configuration, size, etc. I will listen for some more and decide if I need to change something. It would indeed take a lot of experiment, equipment and time to objectively understand the effect function of this mod, and then it would still be headphone-dependent I guess. 
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