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I think this post should be read in this way: T1 leak as much as any normal open cans do (IME only a bit less than HE-6), and T5p leak as little as any true closed cans, which is almost inaudible from 1m distance (assuming normal listening volume). 
Trade pending...
I have never heard the DT770s... so sorry cannot comment on that. DT770s seem also to have quite a few variations in impedance.  I can say though based on memory, that both T1's and T5p's have a bit less bass quantity than DT990 600ohm. Quality is at least on the same level, if not higher. 
I'd echo previous comments that in terms of quantity, T5p lack a little bit in mid bass but are adequate in sub bass. Quality wise it's as clear and clean and deep as I've heard.  I think this bass tonality makes them very enjoyable with electronic music. In fact I find them play Infected Mushrooms a bit better than my T1s. But again, there are many different styles in electronic, and people approach them in different manners. I can easily imagine some people who just like...
^^ Congrats and welcome! 
Audeze XC is a closed back.  I think it is supposedly easier to achieve nice sound from T5p (i.e. budget gear) than the two alternatives mentioned. 
Thank you. That might explain at least part of the change. 
Thank you. That leaves me wondering whether Beyerdynamic changed the tuning of the drivers besides the cable. Otherwise the changes must have come from the difference in cable--which seem to be quite a lot. Have we had any official information about this edition from Beyer?
Were your original T1s balanced? 
Now, all of a sudden the site which can not be mentioned becomes publicly discussed! 
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