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I have already recabled the T1s. Running balanced really helps open up the soundstage. My previous amp is Bottlehead S.E.X. which is single ended, so I can't really tell if the benefit comes from balancing or the amp change. One thing I noticed is that male voice on the MKVI seems to have become smoother. Overall it definitely sounds better to a certain degree, which I can't confidently tell yet. 
Joining the club thanks to @dizzyorange ! 
Thank you, zoom25! The main problem actually the wallet limit... Let's see if I can make some sales. 
These prices have been so for several weeks I believe. Might be a permanent price drop.   How would Stealth 6 at $399 each compare to Airmotiv 6 at $499 a pair? Anyone got advice for me? 
Sorry guys, this one is me! 
Yeah well... I guess it's just me then. I just can't stand the sight of that. Call me obsessive... 
Why, don't you see how drastically the cable beneath the connector is bent? That seems to me a lot of stress. 
That space left for the cable connectors seems very limited. Could have designed it to be higher perhaps...?
Just want to make a general comment about the 'ringing sound' issue that people talked about a few days ago. Obviously, different things may have been indicated and implied under the same discussion: it could be deficits in the recording/mastering/file quality, it could also be a characteristic of T1's sound. Probably people as a group have heard both.    What I want to point out is that, when re-comparing my T1s and HE-5LEs today, I noticed that the high notes on piano...
Indeed they sound better this way!  Good luck! 
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