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What if I had the E17+iPod with the L3 Cable? I could then use the E17 for my laptop too?
Oh I see, the USB digital audio streaming sounds handy. I am also relatively interested in owning an iPod touch for the apps and such too. I guess I will grab whatever I find on deal first.
How good are 4th gen iPod Touch's (or even a 5th gen) in terms of sound quality in comparison to the FiiO X3, assuming I have a £200 budget for an amp?   Also, which one out of the ATH-M50's and the DT770 80ohm has the least sound leakage? If I replaced the pads on the DT770's would they leak less sound (although I'm aware they don't leak that much already, I'm a bit OCD about sound leaking).
Hmm okay, interesting. I'll do a bit of research and see what I can find regarding the Dragonfly.
The FiiO X3 does sound appealing; I may be able to find a used one a little cheaper than the £160 on Amazon which would make it completely worth it to me. I have a FiiO E5 but that is very cheap stuff, probably wouldn't help at all. All in all, I'm currently thinking about getting the Dragonfly (although at this point I'm not too fussed about which DAC to use with my laptop, this one seems to have very good sound and is very small, however I now understand that I need a...
Oh I see now, thanks for clearing that up! I can make more of an informed decision now I know exactly what kind of things I'm looking for. It may well be possible that the Sansa Clip+ can drive the DT770's alone, and I can invest in a separate amp for that later on down the line.
Sounds good. Are there any portable amp's that have similar sound quality as the Topping t-amps?   Since I'll be using DT770 80ohm's with a Sansa Clip+, was just wondering if getting a portable amp that can drive the Diamond 9.1's and be used with the Dragonfly would be worth the money. Otherwise, I might just be better off running the DT770's straight into the Sansa Clip+ for portability when not at the laptop/home.
Brilliant. I may well end up doing that then. The Dragonfly is fairly expensive but from what I've read, it seems worth it.
I see. In that case, I wonder if I could purchase the Audioquest Dragonfly and simply plug the DT770's straight into that if I decided to listen through headphones, and if I were to use the Diamond 9.1's I would plug one of those amps into the Dragonfly?
Will do. Also still trying to decide what DAC+Amp combo to use. I mainly listen to dubstep/rock/DnB so I like powerful bass; I'm still looking for some DAC's but will the TA2021/TA2020 t-amps be good for this kind of music with the Diamonds?   On another note, I plan on using the DT770 80ohms for my music, will theTA2021/TA2020 t-amps pair well with the headphones? I've done a little research and the DT770's seem to be very favoured, with the 80 ohms version having more...
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