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Can you link to where you have been reading about this new iem?
Very informative reply, thank you. I'll pull the trigger with the ER4S and down the road pick up a portable amp.
Clip+ powerful enough to drive ER4S without amp? I have seems some users say so.
Is the 4s a big enough jump in SQ that I should really push for the amp? Thanks
Want to pick up the ER4s for 9 hour flights I will be taking pretty often. I was attracted by their isolation at first, but am convinced after hearing the history and how they have stood the test of time. Unfortunately I can't spend too much more on an amp(under 100), and I hear the 4S needs one to drive them. Any suggestions? How are they comfort wise? Thanks
Thanks a lot for your help. I'll look into those
II thought the mad dogs were a closed back?
I'm not really looking for an ANC headphone, just a closed back.
I will also be listening to these at home and while away. I would like a nice sounding headphone that will also be useful on a plane. Thank you all for the ideas, keep them coming
Hello all, please direct me if this is in the incorrect spot. I will soon be traveling long hours on planes so I am thinking of picking up a closed back headphone. Comfort is a big factor here. I am currently looking at Mr Speakers Mad Dog and will drive it with an e11. Any suggestions otherwise? Thanks
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