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Just an additional remark: back to Moscow, for this kind of coincidence that no one will never explain, he died in the same day as Joseph Stalin.In summary, Prokofiev, even being in Moscow, didn't get a burial ceremony that he deserved.I think that Richter stopped at his burial but had to leave fast to the Stalin's ceremony. 
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I think for me the bugs that you mentioned are also the main thing. Unfortunately I think that gapless playback is worth the effort as well. I really hope that they can fix it in a next version.  I have the pro (paid) version just for the lazy possibility to save more than one headphone custom equalizers.
Usually I listen on a regular basis his 2nd Piano Concerto. Despite the critics I really like Rattle`s Lang Lang combination. The 3rd I have only one record: Ashkenazy and Solti from the Bartok Solti box.
Another try. Newer version upload yesterday.  Let`s test.
Indeed. His 2nd Bartok is great.I enjoy mostly the one from my Boulez Bartok box: great sound combined with a great perfomance.
Talking about Prokofiev and Violin, I will drop my preference as well:
Allow me to give a piece of advice. I took it and was a great experience.Listen/Read to this: will change forever the way you listen to music...
For those into classical music (as I am) another important feature is missing: gapless playback. I think this is a relative easy feature to be implemented.
For Piano Sonata, check also the complete cycle by Maria João Pires (DG).
Talking about Beethoven SQ4s, despite analog or digital, one should always mention the fantastic Quartetto Italiano:
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