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Recently I had the same discussion in other forum that I participate.Even though this is off topic, just for the record the following plot shows how I do it.
I echo this.Despite different opinions on a number of subjects, he is well above the average user contribution here.
Quote:bigshot Warned numerous times for making personal attacks.   online
Let's not let this nice thread die. We are shorter now with the latest ban of a regular member. Enjoying some Baroque....
I agree that it is a really nice app. I have been using it for  a long time. I miss a few minor features: 1. The possibility to change to "Album artist" from "artist"2. The possibility to "Shuffle by Album" - a feature missed from a lot of the current ios players3. A wider range of predefined equalizers would be nice as well
I listen to the unabridged version of the audiobook.It is quite interesting from the historical point of view.A few minor injustices but at all a nice reading.
Talking about piano I am quite excited with this 'new' release:   Finally we will have a nice sounding record of this masterpiece? I like the sound and the performance of Melnikov, but of Nikolayeva it is hard to find. If I am not wrong, this release contains the recording of 1987 - the one that receive the Gramophone Prize.
Talking about solo keyboard sonatas, my personal preferences:   Beethoven: Arrau, Pollini, Barenboim (Arrau's Hammerklavier is very nice)   Mozart: Pires and Brendel (I have Gould's cycle here as well, but I do enjoy only a few of his performances, his tempi notion is somewhat weird for Mozart in my opinion)   Schubert: Pires, Brendel, Pollini and Richter
Is this app still under development? Long time no posts from the dev and long time without updates. Since their website shows a bunch of new stuff, I wonder if canopener is benched..
+1 on the Nocturnes: part of the great Chopin Box of DG.Her Mozart Solo Sonatas are also worth listening.
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