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Look for this one   . Not only a nice recording but also a really nice performance.
Thanks. Much appreciated
Is it possible to confirm if  the Beyerdynamic brand is on the list?   Thanks
Number 13 = Opus 48 ? If so, I really enjoy Rubinstein in this one:
In my humble opinion, Karajan's 6th is the low point of his Beethoven Cycle. Not due to recording. He just didn't get it. His Pastoral sucks. Karl Bohm with VPO helps me to sustain the argument.
LOL... Nice sense of humor.. Thanks for the good laugh...
Das Lied von der Erde is the kind of music that you bring with you to the desert island...
For Bartok Quartets I've learned to admire the Hungarians
Talking about String Quartet...
Indeed sad. I really enjoy this thread.Got some really nice tips.Let's keep it alive !!!
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