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Okay, it definitely looks like the cable has been changed. Here is the cable on my A83.    
That looks very similar to the cable I have, will look more carefully once I get back home....
Can you post a picture of your A83 cable connector? Then we can compare with the cable we have...
So far I was using the sky blue color foam filled sony hybrid-like tips that came with my gr07 and was very satisfied with them. Recently I changed to the spiral dot ML size tips and it seems that I am listening to a brand new, much more refined sound. The bass has become clearer and puchier while the treble is a little more sparkly. I have to say that I am thankful to all you guys who suggested the spiral dot eartips... Thank a lot....
Xuelin ihifi770c on massdrop for $84.99. I have the ihifi770 and can say for sure that it sounds great. This one is supposed to sound the same. This is a great deal at this price.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Just received my pair of vsd2s and AN16 today and have to say that the AN16 sound very good out of the box. Its very close to my gr07 with a hair more bass maybe and a little less refined. The vsd2s is a different story. Its seems like the bass quantity is a little more compared to the gr07, the mids are much more forward (something I really wanted with the gr07) and yet the upper midrange seems very harsh with female vocals from artists like Adele and Ellie Goulding. Will...
Maybe buy an xba1 or gr07? I am not sure but maybe someone else can help. Sorry
I was actually talking about the ones with foam inserts in them. I will see if i can find them on sale anywhere.     My XBA1 also came with similar tips but the gr07 ones are a little more stiff silicone and for me they sound better.
Thanks to everyone who suggested the foam filled hybrid tips for the A83, I am using the ones that came with gr07 and can now enjoy the A83 even more. This may be my last universal IEM purchase as they seem to be everything I want. I usually make a cinch with the cable ties as rubber bands get sticky after some time.
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