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I have been a Head-Fier since 2006 and own a few custom monitors, and my Westone ES2s are the only ones in the collection that have developed problems. Getting them to fit properly when new was a PITA, and it has been downhill from there. My ES2s are now in for the second repair in the last year, and I am beginnkng to lose confidence in the Westone repair facility. Lots of "Have a nice day", but I would prefer my monitors repaired properly and at reasonable cost. This...
£319 for Westone 4s? has them for $365, shipped.
What is the best (read least expensive) source for Westone ES3s?  I am hoping to mail my ES2s to Westone to clone, because they fit well, but the fit was achieved only after a lot of shipping back and forth.
Thanks very much.   Many PMs; no commitments.  (But correspondence is always nice, I suppose . . . )
Cool.  I had a lot of interest the first time around, but nobody completed the transaction.  I've more than halfed the price, so let's see what happens this time.
Reopened listing.
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