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Strange, I have the DT990, And I like its mids...
which earpad do you recommend ? Focus, velour or leather ? and why ? thanks.
you mean number 18 in this pdf ?   Also, do you know how much the earpads+foam ring cost ?   many thanks
which part is the foam you are refering to ? you mean the foam inside the cups ?
 what do you mean by the K712 foam ?
I have a few questions:   (1) Does K7xx have K712 pads or K702 annie pads ?   (2) K702+K712pads sounds like K712 ? or the annie ?   (3) are the headphone drivers the same in K712/K702 annie/K702/Q701 ? Only the pads are different ? 
Where can I buy a pair of K712 pro pads for my K702 ?
I asked because it is said that K702 with K712 pads turns the K702 into a K712 sonically...So I am trying to figure out a place to buy the K712 pads...
I have a K702 and want to swap the earpads on it with the K712 Pro Earpads, are the K712 pads compatible with K702 ? and if they are, Where Can I buy them ?     many thanks
I am gonna order the MA900, hear good things about it...
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