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Which DAC chip in the below table performs better ? Can you put them in order of 1 to 5 ?  
So graphically speaking :    Noisy Sine Wave:      Sine Wave with distortion :     So by looking at the graphs I suppose lower SNR makes the sine wave kind of muddy which makes imaging/definition muddy in the soundstage.   Distortion only changes the sound and not the muddiness.     Are my conclusions correct ?
Just wondering.
I haven't tried that combo, but I know that the HIFIMEDIY DAC uses the superb 9018K2M Sabre DAC which has a good SNR and killer low distortion, AD900X is also a very good headphone primarily known for its wide and accurate soundstage.
yes and no...
I guess I have to go with the 1600MHZ one as my CPU supports maximum of 1600MHZ http://products.amd.com/en-us/search/APU/AMD-A-Series-Processors/AMD-A4-Series-APU-for-Laptops/A4-6210-with-Radeon%E2%84%A2-R3-Graphics/36  correct ?
I know it is off topic but I have a tiny non-related question:   Which RAM has the better performance out of these two :   8GB DDR3L 1600MHZ CL9   or   8GB DDR3L 2133MHZ CL11    ...
 I thought 5.1 input channels are for 5.1 analog outs exclusively...and how do you know 2 extra channels won't make a difference ?
Still no 7.1 channels input though....like G5/E5
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