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A new driver with new UI was supposed to be released...what happened to that ?
raspberry pi ?
The AD700X have a really good soundstage, however they are a bit bass shy. try MA900's ... they would be the better choice over all according to my experience.
Hi again, I have purchased the Pioneer XPA700 + USB REGEN as my DAC to pair with my Lake People G109S headphone amplifier.   The digital/analog interconnects + the power cord for my HP amplifier are all high quality AudioQuest cables.   I also purchased this Double-Conversion UPS from Liebert. I plug the HP amplifier and USB REGEN into this UPS.     What do you think of my setup ? is the UPS adequate for purifying the AC power or should I spend more on a better UPS ?
its good to buy a bunch of headphone, test/compare them and then get rid of the ones you don't want.
there is a trial version that lets you test the software,      there are similar softwares like DFX and Viper4windows....
yes, they are ultra comfortable, increase Bass and Soundstage as well.
I found them to be stabbing too but got used to them after I changed the pads to ZMF lambskins, Better than DT990 and HE400 in that regard though.
this sounds like a USB connection type of problem....it's either your PC's USB jacks, the cable or MODI's usb jack.
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