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At least, for objectively comparing them, we should know what DAC& chip the GSX1000 uses....Creative has disclosed what chips they use in X7....
I doubt it can beat x7 though....
Do ALL USB mics work with PS3/PS4/Xbone ?
This unit would have been "PERFECT" if it allowed the user to bypass the ADC when you use RCA inputs and use the unit as a stand alone amplifier..... Is this even possible through a firmware update ?    the Amp section of X7 is pretty powerful , it is a pity we can not pair other DACs with it......     lots of other DAC-Amps allow such thing....lots of others dont...but since the amp section of X7 is pretty powerful, It should have this functionality.
A quick question:   Do all games on ps3/ps4/xbone output 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital ? or just one of them ?
the last two.
if they are both 3.5mm, then yes you can plug the mic into the cable.
maybe try Sony wireless headphones ? they have DD and DTS decoders and headphone surround....the latest one has 9.1 channel headphone surround...   This   I am not sure about the quality of the headphones or the surround though...   I have this and I think it is alright...
 Always try to feed your amp through the line-out on your DAC/SC...if you don't have an amp then just use the headphone out on the DAC/AMP... the K1 is meant to be used as a USB DAC only...it would work on any platform (windows/Linux) provided the USB receiver chip is a popular one (in most cases they are). My advise to you is to consider a DAC with the Sabre ES9018K2M chip...these DACs perform way better than what FIIO can offer in this price bracket. All the three DACs...
you can set the headphone out to act as a line-out by setting the volume in windows to a desired one, Most DACs of this type allow such configuration, You just have to ask around about it(here or FIIO).      Notice that double amping degrades the signal and should be avoided. Just ask FIIO about how to use the headphone out on K1 as a line-out.
New Posts  All Forums: