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AKG and Beyer need amps, X2 would benefit from an amp, in fact, all headphones do. If you like bright and detailed treble with textured bass then go for the beyer. I have not heard the X2 but people usually describe it as bass heavy with smooth treble. For EDM, HE-400 is usually recommended, it needs an amp.
the ProDJ has incredible detail retrieval and clarity..You should try it. I have a pro DJ 200 which is the same headphone with detachable cord. You can swap the pads for M50 pads...the stock pads are poor.
I am not quite sure, But the G109 seems to be the more powerful and the better designed amp. You could ask RSA for power ratings at different impedances, The G109's power ratings are in the manual on their website.     Sonically, I don't know which one is better.
JVC SZ-2000
Oh, Sorry guys, I had EQ enabled in foobar.
I just found out that the MA900 has a muffled and distorted low end with some tracks. I think MLE should lower the score for it.     this one seems to be good, at one time I considered buying it. I am unsure how much power it outputs.
creative e5
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