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the sennheiser game zeros are comparable with the PC360 and HD598 ...  the U7 uses a really good D/A chip, the U7 can perfectly drive the game zeros, My U3 could drive my HD598. It also has the Dolby Home Theatre v4 for surround options.
How about when playing video games or watching movies ?
I am just curious to know whether a program exist that detects bit-depth and sample rate when you are playing games, watching movie or playing music.
these are the best DAC chips(32 bit and high SNR) and the DACs that use them so   DAC chip/DAC   (1) ES9018/ Audio-GD makes DACs with this chip   (2) AK4399/Schiit Bifrost Uber   (3) PCM1795/ Musical Fidelity V90 and perhaps others ....
little dot I+ ... it is a hybrid though, but it gives you tube rolling options other amps in this price range don't.
the K702/K701/Q701 have the best sound-stage and imaging among the headphones under 600$...I don't have the K712 But many reviewers say it has the smaller soundstage compared to K70X's...   I bought the K702 after buying HE-400/DT990/HD598 and the soundstage and imaging on the K702 really wowed me...
Some people think it is comfy, others think the opposite. I personally think they are ok ... they dont clamp...they just need to be positioned properly and this takes some time to get used to.
do you want a dac only or dac+amp ?   dac only:
dragonfly 1.0/1.2 audioengine D3
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