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I have regular M50s and I love them but I want to buy these just for the removable cable and new color scheme. If you don't mind having a super long attached cable, then buy the regular M50s. If a removable cable matters to you and the price doesn't, then wait for these.
Will we be able to trade in our M50s if they're fairly new? My pair is less than a month old, so there hasn't been any noticeable wear or tear on them. I really want to get the blue and brown version right now because they said it's a limited edition and I don't want to miss out, but I don't want to spend too much money on such a similar headphone.
Well it's confirmed to be real, here is the amazon pre-order link:
Jesus Christ that blue and tan is sexy
Can you provide a link to where he said that? I just checked the imgur link, the images are still there, and the reddit post is still up.
I found this on the headphone subreddit: I just got regular M50s for Christmas, and now Audio Technica finally gives their M50s removable cables. T_T
Do these headphones need an amplifier to sound decent?
just found this:
Has anyone heard of these headphones before? apparently they're completely 3d printed aside from the electrical parts and the ear pads, and they take 13 hours and 30 minutes to fully 3d print, hence their name. I'm interested in modeling my own 3d printed headphones, but I want to know if it is more practical then molding or carving shells by hand. Here is the link to the download:
Would it matter if I used CAD or Inventor? I personally prefer inventor
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