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I bought a pair last week and they dont really fit my head.  Im a bit dissapointed :(    They're up for sale I guess.
My rig and cans:     Headphones  
 Yep, feeds them plenty.  I ran 300ohm headphones on this card for a couple weeks and couldnt turn them up near all the way.  The DTs sound great.
Crazy how I see this..  Im using the SBZ with DT770s for gaming.
 Im using them at work right now.  Honestly, like another user said, I think the ear cups need some break in time.  After about an hour or so they do make your ear a little sore, but I attribute that to the headband needing a little stretching and the ear cups being a bit softened.  They sound fantastic though especially at that price.
I just picked up my pair!!!  My lucky day!  My DT770s come in tommorrow for home use.
Hey man, I have a mint pair with original box if you're interested.  
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