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I've been using optical with this thing since I bought it, I've had issues with USB on other devices before so I didn't want to waste my time with it. Are there any major advantages to USB over optical?
I still use my ancient Siberia headset whenever I need a mic for gaming, I'm also looking for a decent K702 mic solution so I can get rid of of it. A custom cable with a mic attached to the XLR jack would be ideal but it doesn't seem like an easy thing to put together.
There are no vents on top, I have the 11.32, version 2? maybe I should drill some holes.
This thing gets really hot, anyone had overheating issues with it? I have it on for roughly six hours every day.
Hey Matez, do you do any custom stuff? I'm interested in a FAW Color Series HPC 1,5m w/ Neutrik 6,3mm jack -> AKG K702 (I bought one of these one year ago or so) but with an integrated Antlion Modmic cable; http://www.modmic.com/collections/frontpage/products/modmic-4-0 Cheers!
I'm curious about this too.
I'm looking to buy another cable for my cans, 1.7 meters or something, any decent euro zone store out there that I can buy from?
I just received mine :D   Question: When I use the DAC out for my Audioengine 5+ I should set it to Fixed output, right?
Nice, thanks for the info.
Edit: Nvm, I see there are plenty.   Arr, can't decide whether I should get the 702 65th or the 712.. I really don't like orange.
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