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Wouldn´t be the LD 1+ a better match then LD MK III? Just because of it´s an hybrid and the K701 is low impedance and low efficient. I never heard one of them it´s just an idea...
I don´t know the Titanium but with the K701, Vali works really fine for me.
I use my K701 with the Schiit Vali and i am very excited about the pairing (and the price). This is the combination which stays after a big downgrade i made.
Do someone uses DT880s with the Vali? I would like to know how this pairing sounds.
Because of my bad english skillz i normally don´t write here but i just want to say something about the HD650/Vali pairing.   I was kinda surprised that the HD650s aren´t get sounding warmer on the Vali. K701 & HD800 get a well rounded dry bass from the Vali what makes the K701 imo an amazing great pairing. I like the HD800 on my more neutral Corda Symphony more but they also sound great with the Vali whats kinda surprised me too. On the HD650 it feels a lot more clear...
The maximum Power in different Ohms would be great.
Are the specs finally released? I can´t find them.
Thanks for your answer. Because of the high costs for shipping and the 19% customs i think also about the V200 at the moment which i can get a bit easier in germany.
a little bump
Hi,   normally i just read here because english is not my main language but i think that here is the right place to get an answere so i made an account. I want to go into tubes with my HD800 (at the moment i run them with my Corda Symphony) and need some help to make a decission.   The sound which i´m looking for is a warm touch with a good bass. The DAC, i have to buy for WA6 and Lyr, would be the Shiit Modi cause i don´t think that it makes sence to invest more...
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