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Has anyone had experience with the Harman Kardon BT?
OK that's great. I think I'll try to find the MDR for my price. As I said...Canada sucks for this kind of thing and so far I have only found them for about 240+
haha that's fine. I am biased too. What about the ue6000 makes you so eager to jump on them?
I am just trying to compare sound. I have heard the M-100 and am just trying to compare something to what I know. I don't know headphones at all. You would recommend the ue6000 over the M40?
Oh these need to be portable as I will only be using them on my MBP and my iPhone amp at all
That being said, I do need to keep them under $200. I realize headphones will be much better if I spend the money, but if I don't put a limit on it, there is always another price range not that far off that I could get into. Including shipping I need it to be under $200. I appreciate your input though. Something for me to think about!   Out of curiosity, how do the Sony and the AKG compare to the V-moda M-100? 
I live in Canada where everything that makes life more enjoyable is twice the price. They retail for $400 here. Even to get them across the border from the States would cost me probably $60 or so...
I am looking for a pair of headphones under $200 and I found the Klipsch Mode M40 for $180. My question is: are they going to be the best in this price range or should I look for something else? It needs to be closed or at least mostly closed. I know lots of people recommend the DT770 or the Custom One's. Any thoughts on this?
Ya I've noticed this too. Is there a sound quality difference between the two? Or what's the deal with them being different volumes? I can't find anything online about this I said, I was suuuuuper choked but I felt like I was in a corner and no other choice. So moral of the story...if you live in Canada, BUY FROM CANADA! Unless it's a smokin deal, of course 
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