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Aight I'll try to justify paying $20 for a set of those haha. Thanks
I'm not really sure. They're just not sealing. I'm coming from some Shure SE-215 that crapped out on me and those had some awesome isolation. It was almost like they created a suction in my ears. They didn't move. How are the comply for durability and do they affect the sound? Which model do you use?
The tips that came with my new RHA MA750i in-ears don't seal very well for me. Anyone have some good suggestions of what sound good and give a good seal? I am also going to use these in the gym but I'll probably get a different set of tips for that.
I also just came across the RHA MA750, which have phenomenal reviews. how do they compare to the ie60?
I just received my replacement cable for my Shure SE215 after assuming my old cable has a broken wire because the right monitor wasn't working. I plugged in the new cable and it's still not working so now I assume the entire earpiece is broken. I started looking around at a replacement pair and came across the Sennheiser IE60 for $99.99 CAD at Visions electronics. Is this a good price for them? How do they compare to the SE215? I loved those things... here is the...
Has anyone had experience with the Harman Kardon BT?
OK that's great. I think I'll try to find the MDR for my price. As I said...Canada sucks for this kind of thing and so far I have only found them for about 240+
haha that's fine. I am biased too. What about the ue6000 makes you so eager to jump on them?
I am just trying to compare sound. I have heard the M-100 and am just trying to compare something to what I know. I don't know headphones at all. You would recommend the ue6000 over the M40?
Oh these need to be portable as I will only be using them on my MBP and my iPhone amp at all
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